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    I could use some help so please clik HERE If you want to play just register
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    Splash and Sig

    I made this for other forum (Croatian forum,my freind is moderator and Ill be one soon) please C&C
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    Photo manip sig

    This is my first photo manip sig,took me 5 mins.please C&C
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    My first attempt at it.what do you think?
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    New sig

    what do you think.I personaly really hate the txt
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    Basic sig tutorial

    This is my first tutorial and I was in a hurry,so if you dont get something just post ask.anyway,here are the basics of all my sigs The Brushes : I used...
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    New sig

    my current one.its still not finished (I have to reinstal PS cuz of some error.cant select layers,fonts,brushes with mouse,only with keyboard) so what do you think of it for now?
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    19 pixel brush sig

    made this with basic 19 pixel round brush,filters and pattern what do you think?
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    New Onimusha sig

    I tryed some new/other styles.what do you think?
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    New sig

    I downloaded some new brushes and wanted to test them.heres what I got note:if you use IE instead of firefox the transparent space will not be transparent
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    New star wars sig

    I made this one today.think it turned out ok
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    Some of my sigs

    Here are some of the sigs I made in past few weeks im grunge addict Grunge: Pixel Stretch: