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  1. stardom

    How do you drive traffic/advertise a Game Topsite

    I have started a topsite list. I have never tried one of these and am at a total loss of how to drive traffic for these. I have tried to email the game admins to submit their games to my site. Yet none of them have signed up. I have added my own game. Yet that has not seemed to help other then...
  2. stardom

    Premium Hosting Question

    I couldn't find a topic for this. You have Free hosting, Prime and even VPS, yet nothing for premium hosting. Anyways my question is. How come one user logged into my site. Which there is nothing really fancy about it. Just a small php game, but when a user is logged in it takes a whopping 8%...
  3. stardom

    Voting Incentive script Help.

    I have wrote a voting incentive script to use on my game. The problem is. I can get the user to click on the voting link. I can get the incentive to credit. Yet I can't send the user to the voting site. Here is the code. Maybe you can take a look? <? include("_game-header.php"); $gamepoll2 =...
  4. stardom

    Review for Mafia Game Website

    Gangs of War is a New Mafia based MMORPG. It officially went live on 16th May 2011 02:01:40. The old source code had to be removed and so I had to start from scratch.:mad: Does having a .tk domain hurt me any? Or should I make it .com? Id like to know of any improvements that could be made...
  5. stardom

    Linking my Prime Account to my Free Account.

    I seen some users have prime member by their names and can access the prime members area. Well I use my forum with my free, but I have purchased a prime, so can I have the access and badge? I used same email for both.
  6. stardom

    Looking for 7 link exchanges for blogs or websites

    Do you have a blog or website that can be related to my blog? My blog is just about my experiences with life. Ranging from anything..Electronics, pets, parenting, movies, and much more. All content is written by me. If so then I am looking for at least 7 sites to exchange links with. Please do...
  7. stardom

    Logo Review

    please tell me what you think of this logo. Im not very good with doing them, but as you can see i can do some things.
  8. stardom

    Staff needed

    I run Friend Link and War Crew. Friend Link is a social media community. In other words its like a myspace but its main goal is media for the users of the site. War Crew is an online mafia game. I currently have me and one other staff member so far. The positions I am looking for is. Content...
  9. stardom

    Review my sites

    Hi all I actually have two sites that I wish for you to check out. The first one is It is my CMS and social community site. I will be posting development news on my 2nd site there. The 2nd site is my Mafia Game site. -> username : test...
  10. stardom

    Error i recieved - Error Code: 1E9F63B0

    i wanted to change the name of my domain from to it messed up.. i got this error Error Code: 1E9F63B0