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  1. pmg1991

    suspension of hosting account

    Because of transfer of my account from one server to another, I was not able to login in my cpanel and ftp account. In my hosting account I found some files are useless and may be against TOS that's why deleted them before the transferring of accounts, but forgot to delete the file named...
  2. pmg1991

    unsuspension of hosting account

    it is suspended for hacking content.. but there is no software or file i have uploaded on my account only a static html page giving few information about reverse engineering.. not hacking both are different thing and i have already stated in staring only what is reverse engineering...
  3. pmg1991

    Sql databases not found ( 0/3)

    Please help me there is no database in my account but earlier i have created a database. Please send me the backup of database its important. thanks in advance.
  4. pmg1991

    Administrator solve this please

    because of above reason as redirections of all my site domain to some where else my site is not working.. i have tried to remove them but they are not deleting.. please help asap...
  5. pmg1991

    Login attempt Failed!

    help i'm able to login in cpanel and fris server is not down...
  6. pmg1991

    Login attempt fail on fris

    i'm not able to login in my cpanel account help.. ---------- Post added at 03:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:02 PM ---------- help please!!!
  7. pmg1991

    site not opening...

    i have tried the instructions but still site not opening... help!
  8. pmg1991

    wordpress not working

    i have installed wordpress on my site.. and it was working before shifting of my account.. but its not working on new server(fris).... now even after 20 days of shifting of cossacks to fris... 20 days what a loose service...????
  9. pmg1991

    infinite web space by

    .... so need not to worry new fris server rockz....8-)
  10. pmg1991

    Profile page not opening

  11. pmg1991

    zero ftp account

    zero ftp account in my hosting account on fris server.... please forward the reasons....
  12. pmg1991

    unsuspension of my hosting account

    suspension of my hosting account due to:- User transfered to another server. please unsuspension of my account as soon as possible.