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  1. BentFX

    short url catalog - Still just thinking...

    Hi All, I'm just thinking about the possibility of creating my own short URL catalog for personal use on twitter and such... The way I'm thinking, something like... Should return a redirect to something like...
  2. BentFX

    Economic meltdown

    The US auto industry is teetering and the credit bubble has burst. The US is in a recession and they say it will get worse. Myself, I'm OK. Times are tough but my job is secure and I've recently received a 20k settlement for an auto accident. How are you affected by the current economic situation?
  3. BentFX

    Catmull-Clark brainstorming

    OK, heres the deal... Let's recreate the wheel and recreate it better! I'm working on a project where I'm dealing with catmull-clark subdivision of polygons... in C++. I'm looking for an ingenious algorithm to keep track of points and faces for subdivided 3D faces. To subdivide each face, a...
  4. BentFX

    Political Correctness

    In reading the tag lines and rules of this forum it appears that Crossfire was intended to be a little deeper than "Which is better XXX or YYY". So I'm going to dive right into the deep end... Is it me, or is the environment of political correctness regarding race a one way street. Barack...
  5. BentFX

    March madness

    Who all here is paying attention to the NCAA basketball playoffs? Who are you rooting for and why? Myself, I'm not a huge fan, but I like to root for the home teams. My dream bracket would have Gonzaga(30) meeting Washington state(21) in the final four. Everything else being equal... I'm hoping...
  6. BentFX

    Six degrees of .com

    OK, here's the game... Get on your favorite registars search page, and come up with six available, un-registered, .com names with linked themes. Such as this... The last should link back to the...
  7. BentFX

    Will something terrible happen in 2012?

    The year 2012 is coming up quickly with several different ancient prophecies pointing to it as being the cataclysmic end of the age. First is the Mayan calender which ends Dec. 21st of 2012. It doesn't really end, but signifies a time of woe and the end of the current 'life as we know it' era...
  8. BentFX

    How to change cpanel password?

    On a paid account, how do I change my cpanel password? cpanel name: bentfx Thanks in advance!
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    I need some honest feed back. click here Thanks!
  10. BentFX

    I think my web site is goofed up.

    I set up my x10hosting account this evening... I think that's when then problem started... I got three error message emails like this... This email is being sent to notify you that the hosting account that you have signed up for has not been created, due to an error which occurred during the...