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  1. teeyo985

    You have been suspended for high system resource usage !!!!!!!

    I've got this message 4 time in just two days !! is there anythin i can do ? thank you guys ! Note : I use GSiteCrawler to make a google sitemap ! it may be the reason ! if so, is there any website that gives unlimited number of pages sitemap generator ? thanks again :)
  2. teeyo985

    What about that Setting link ?

    Hi everbody ! I use to check on my posts and see if there's a new reply from a link called Setting , and now I just can't find it !! it was between My profile and log out !!! Did you moved it or changed it or what ?!
  3. teeyo985

    Number Of connections to database using free hosting !

    Hi guys ! Can anyone tell me what's the max number of connections to the database , cause I have that Message "Too many connection" while trying to check my database many times, and so the website can't connect to my database cause there's already a max number of connections, so it won't open ...
  4. teeyo985

    Is that Normal ?! Or it's due to my connection ?!

    Hi guys ! Sometimes when I want to take a look on my website ! I get this message :frown: is it due to my connection ?! cause i'm uploading on the net, chating with friends normaly but this message keep on showing up even when I reload the page ! My website > ----------...
  5. teeyo985

    Ican't help people out on FREE HOSTING forum !!

    Hi guys ! Regulary I passed by some posts on FREE HOSTING, and sometimes I may give some help, but when I try to post a reply ... I just can't for some reasons ! is there any solution ?
  6. teeyo985

    How can we use that credit ?

    Hi everybody !! i was just wondering , how can we spend that credits and what for ? thanks :)
  7. teeyo985

    Need your opinions about my website !!

    Hi guys ! This is my website it's in french, and it includes just a forum right now, the home page is full of blocks and ads , the blocks refer to my forum ! If you have any opinion critic or whatever, please write it ! thanks all !:)
  8. teeyo985

    Probleme with the host ! Can anyone tell me the reason and how to fixe this

    the website was fine , but tonight when i tried to check it out , i was surprised by this message on the browser : by the way i can login to my cpanel an everything's working fine but i can't fixe this ! :( ---------- Post added 04-15-2011 at 01:20 AM ---------- Previous post was 04-14-2011...
  9. teeyo985

    Hi everybody =)

    Hii , I'm Oussama Taoufik 20 years old , still a student, i'm a webmaster , programmer and a designer (not professionel of course :wink: , still a long way to go ) it's nice to be here with you all !