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  1. HermXIV

    Transfering MySQL Database?

    I have a MySQL database for my MyBB forum board. I am moving to a new host, and I am wondering how I can transfer my mysql database to the new host from my x10hosting account. Please help!
  2. HermXIV

    Suspended and instructed to make a support ticket

    My hosting account was just now suspended for "consistently high cpu usage". I don't believe it has been that high, ever, and this might be a mistake. But even if it isn't could I get my account unsuspended. I was just about to transfer my site to a new paid host, and then it died on me. Please...
  3. HermXIV

    MySQL is up, but still won't work.

    The MySQL database for my MyBB forum is in existence, yet I still get an error when I try to load the forum (it says it can't get access to the database). Why is this?
  4. HermXIV

    Forum not working.

    The MyBB forum I have installed on my site suddenly stopped working. I was on it about 30min ago and now it just times out on loading. What is going on?
  5. HermXIV

    PHP mail() ?

    Does x10hosting free account (adless hosting) allow the use of the PHP mail() function? I am trying to put together a contact form using it, but it is not working.
  6. HermXIV

    Changing 404 page? (And other error pages)

    How do you change your 404 and other error pages? I tried editing the 404.shtml, no dice. Any help?
  7. HermXIV

    Changing my default page?

    Say I want to change my default page. How would I do that? I mean, if I go to how would I change what displays there? Modifying my index.html has not worked. =\
  8. HermXIV

    Password won't work on cPanel.

    My hosting account password is not working for my cPanel. i.e. I cannot login to the cPanel.
  9. HermXIV

    New to this site

    I am new to this site, but it is very similar to other sites I am on a lot, so I already have the hang of things.
  10. HermXIV

    Problem with linking to other html docs

    Alright, I have setup my index page. However, whenever I try a relative link to an html page in the same directory (public_html in this case) It does not work. So say I wanted to link to an html document named about_us.html from my index, and the document was in the public_html directory how...