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  1. jaco_don

    Hello Again

    Well its been Exactly 2 months ..I last logged in ... As me busy with my University Exams ..and I didn't think i gonna graduate this year for sure Had terrible ..Heartbreak .. And decided to comeback to my old love .."Internet" Surprised to see lots of changes ... Enjoy peeps
  2. jaco_don

    Visual Basic 6

    Hi, I wanted to add a Browser to a From in my project ..which will open a particular webpage. when i click a command button. Any idea how to do that Regards Rohan
  3. jaco_don

    Adult Motion Pictures

    Well in my country Porn, Softporn are banned ... But in many countries its legal and a billion dollar industry Want to know ...are adult movies really worth watching ... Why is that .. top porn stars are given celebrity status in many countries .. Well there are lots of question ... But...
  4. jaco_don

    Database website?

    Well Can anybody tell me how and what should we do a get a website like well i want to do a project for my university semester ... and I was told to create a website .. In HTML frontend and SQL or MS ACCESS backend ... so can anyone recommend something to me Regards Rohan
  5. jaco_don

    Need a name...

    I need a name for Techfest of my college .. It should sound technical enough ... or Sci-fi names will also do
  6. jaco_don

    VB6 Developer Required [UPTO 2500 Credits]

    I want a Visual Basic 6 developer ... I want to create a two simple not too small or not too project Details A Inventory and Sales management system and Second Office management system Database used is MS ACCESS ok I am giving 1250 Credits each ... you can negotiate also it would be...
  7. jaco_don

    MAC OS on x86

    I want to is it possible to install Mac OS on X86 My config is Intel D 2.8 GHz 1.5 GB Ram 80 GB HardDisk Intel Original 945GZ motherboard so do you think i would be able to install Mac OS
  8. jaco_don

    [Undisclosed Amount] Embedded Circuit

    I want a Embedded project with Circuit diagram ... Terms Should be able to control through PC PC interface should be in VB6 Credit would be disclosed on request by the provider ... I would i would be very very generous ...;)
  9. jaco_don

    How much you spend on Internet?

    Well what is your monthly internet usage bills and don't you think anything below 512 KBps should be free ... I spend Rs 650 around USD $ 13 Per month
  10. jaco_don

    How about X10 T-shirts?

    Well I think ... x10 can sell their own logo t-shirts ... I mean the name x10 is quite catchy ... and the t-shirts with a big x10 logo or a logo near you left chest can be awesome .... Just wanted to give a revenue generating idea ... Also you can keep contest a send it a prize ... Anyways...
  11. jaco_don

    I am now x10 Lieutenant

    Hey it feels good to be know as he Lieutenant ... well its been a real long journey to reach 250 Post ... an would complete 1 years in X10 forum X10 Foreever
  12. jaco_don

    Internet before or after ?

    Well what do you think ... Was World Wide Web better before dotCom burst or is it better after the dotCom burst ... we for me i think at was better before the burst .. I don't know why but i love legacy systems
  13. jaco_don

    Who do you blame?

    Well recent attack in mumbai have open many can of worms ... one of which is Americas Indirect Involvement : When America signed Anti Communist pact with pakistan they provided training to the Pakistan soldiers with tactical warfare Recent Americas war on Afghanistan they trained an group of...
  14. jaco_don

    Breaking News 2

    Please don't try to counter each others view I am only trying to update this No attack is big or small or worst or good all of them kill people .... Please don't fight i am here to only update as I stay only few block away from the attack zone Update 157 Dead 358 injured 9 American...
  15. jaco_don

    Breaking News

    Terrorist attack mumbai (Bombay) worst attack in the history. almost 100 People Killed . Man this is worst One of the Oldest Hotel "Taj" attacked Attack aimed on American and British tourists around 85 reported killed
  16. jaco_don

    How is San Antonio ?

    Well If things go right .. i would be moving to SA Texas for my graduation .... Well wanna know how is the place ... also can anybody tell me any good wrestling school around SA Regards Rohan
  17. jaco_don

    Master Disc

    Well I wanted to know how to create a custom xp boot disc that when i install Xp on system .. additional software like ZIP ...WIRAR...MAGIC ISO well custom xp theme get installed as well Regards
  18. jaco_don

    Support Please

    Hi, Well my account have been suspended ... I don't know the reason ... Regards Rohan
  19. jaco_don

    When was X10 born ?

    Well recently .. Google .. celebrated its 10 anniversary i thought ... how about x10 day .... so when was x10 launched ....
  20. jaco_don

    [REQ][50 credits]I Like it you win it

    Ok peeps here is a chance for you to earn credits ... I give a theme .... you recommend me a song .. I Listen to it ...If I love it .. you win 50 Credits ...its that simple ... Rules 1). Every 72 hrs 1 winner would be selected .... 2) 1 Person ..only 1 song 3) song should related to...