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    easiest way to migrate my site

    Hi all, I have a site here that I've been mostly happy with for going on 3 years now, and want to move my startup site here as well, but I have a few questions. 1. Is it possible to get another domain name for this site? My current name is, I'd like to possibly obtain...
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    not getting emails from a site I follow

    I follow a website that sends daily updates to my email, but I stopped getting them a while ago. I thought X10 may have been flagging them as spam, so I signed up with my Comcast account, but they don't come to that account either. Could someone please look into this and see if there are any...
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    can't reach my site or email

    I can't reach my website or access email. This just started today, though Roundcube was being extremely finicky at times yesterday. The status page says everything's up, so why can't I access my site?
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    would like unlimited disk space

    Hi, The subject says it. I also have a question, on initial sign-up, are we limited to 512 mb or 1 gb? The self help center says either one, but I had 1 gb then was cut to 512 mb. I understood that the 512 mb limit was for high risk countries, but I'm not in a high risk country. Now it looks...
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    can't seem to switch theme

    Hi, I saw another thread that said disk space had been reduced from 1 gb to 512 mb, so I was going to check my account to see if I needed to make the jump to unlimited space. I saw that I was on basic, so I tried to switch the theme but it wouldn't switch. Why doesn't basic show you how much...
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    status site

    Hello, I know the status site was recently overhalled, but I don't like it. I use a screen reader, and the status site now is useless to me. I logged on this afternoon because I kept getting database errors when trying to access my email, so I checked the status site. It said one service was...
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    can't reach my site

    Could someone please look into this? I was trying to make a post when it wouldn't publish, then it threw a backend fetch fail error. When I tried to log in again, it said resource limit was reached, then can't display the page when I try to log in. Also, could some changes be made to the status...
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    Facebook refuses to acknowledge my x10 email

    Is there a way to get Facebook to acknowledge that my X10 email address is valid? Every time I try to enter my email into Facebook it says "You must enter a valid email address." It won't even send the confirmation, it just rejects it. I've tried to report this to them, but I get a generic...
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    need help fixing an error with email

    Hello all, Can someone please help me fix this error? I was just trying to read my email and I moved a message to the trash folder when I got this instead of it bringing me to the next message. Unexpected condition from IMAP server, closed or corrupt connection to IMAP. Possible mailbox...
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    hard limit of 500 gb for free hosting?

    Or rather, 500,000 MB which is actually about 489 GB. What does everyone think of this? It seems to be already the defacto limit, so why not make it official? Or how about raising the limit of files to be automatically deleted to 16 mb and the disk space limit to 800,000 MB? The reason I suggest...
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    question for those that use Jetpack or any other large plugins with your WordPress site

    Hello all, I have a question for all of you who use large plugins or maybe the last time you updated your WordPress install. About how long does it usually take? It seems to always take my site between 5 and 10 minutes to update Jetpack or to install WordPress. Is this normal or is something up...
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    a couple small TOS changes

    Hello all, I was thinking about this earlier today and maybe it would be easier for X10 to crack down on multiple accounts per person if there was a 1 account per email address limit. As an example, at, you can have multiple accounts there, but each must have a different email...
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    need help with webmail on my account

    Hi, Can someone please help me with Roundcube on my account? I've created an account with my website and have set up Roundcube as the default mail client. When I browse my mail, the navigation shows Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, and Junk. It looks like it came by default with a folder called...
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    warning emails very inconsistant

    Hello, I got an email this morning stating that my hosting account was suspended, but I never got any warning emails. I always get the suspension email, but sometimes I get one warning, and sometimes I get two, but that's rare. Can someone look into this please?
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    update speed issues

    Hello all, I asked about this on the WordPress support forums and they thought it might be a server issue. For about a month now, large updates, such as Jetpack or the WordPress core take about 10 minutes to update. Then, while the updates actually complete, there's this annoying notice on my...
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    email address

    When I log onto CPannel X3, I can log into an email address What exactly is this email address? I can send from it but when I try to send to it, it does not work. The server responds "No such user here." What's going on?
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    account problems

    Ok I've put one of my problems in another thread, but I'll put it here too. I can't seem to switch my account to use CPannel. On a related note, could the staff add the ability to use full email management and see how much space I'm using on X10hosting Basic? I'd like to use Basic fulltime when...
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    some questiona about my account

    Two questions, 1. I just switched my account to CPannel X3 from X10Hosting Basic temporarily and see that I only have 512 mb of total storage. Why is this? I thought I was supposed to have 1 gb of which I was supposed to be using half to get the cap lifted? 2. Emails come to my Gmail account...
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    several questions about email

    Hi all, After having browser issues interacting with this site for a while I'm finally able to post my questions. 1. I set up an email account at my domain per the rules stating that an email address had to be at your domain if you wanted emails to go out. I've also told Wordpress to use this...
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    Sorry, your email provider is not allowed

    Hi, I let my old hosting account get deleted because I decided to take the site there in a new direction and I murged it with my site. My plan was to start an aircheck site over here, but school got in the way. Now I'm done with school, and I'm ready to set up my site. I logged in...