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    New blog like site

    Hey, Just thought id show you my site, its just a wordpress one but you might be interested in it. Thanks
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    ARGs anyone?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone played any ARG's, if you do then feel free to inform us about it. This is a recent concept that I read about in a book called little brother by cory doctorow available free from the website or in book form. After I had read this book I was interested in the...
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    Clan Website

    After trying god knows how many times to create a good clan website I have decided to ask you lot :) I would be willing to pay upto about 750 credits for a complete clan site template (images and html) I would like it to be based on the Call Of Duty 4 game please. Thanks
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    Xbox live

    Hey if you play xbox live post your gamer tag and games you play online here. GT: Riggy Roly Games: COD4, Halo3, RS Vegas
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    Linux games

    Hey does anyone recomend any sim/strategy games for linux? Thanks
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    Xbox Live connection

    Hey, im on an ADSL conncetion and always have bad ping, is there any way i can improve this, im on an 8mb download 500kb upload. Thanks
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    Forum issues that is the issue.
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    I have recently moved house so I will not be as active on these forums. Could you please not suspend my account. Thanks
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    360 clan

    Here is our website :D The members should be signing up sometime soonish. We are a clan for the Rainbow Six: Vegas game if you are interested then PM me.
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    How the hell do you put text ontop of an image without using a layer because layers move depending on your screen size.
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    I can not access my site, my account pannel says that I am unsuspended? I get this "Error! Could not locate remote server You tried to access the address Teen Portal, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly...
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    Would anyone be kind enough to make me a web layout based on THIS colour scheme.
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    Can't access Cpanel

    I can log into the Cpanel for but not, but the domain should have been changed to the latter.
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    Probably my fault

    But I can't access my hosting account so could an admin please email me my account info. Thanks