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    403 / 404 Errors

    Anytime someone tries to post an outside link to an external site, i.e. youtube we get this error. This is on a SMF forum installed through Scriptaculous. Since we are a forum for streamers it is important that we can actually link out of the site. HTML Header: 403 Forbidden Forbidden You...
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    Stoli ~ Disk Full Error

    Just posting an FYI on this: 552 Disk full - please upload later
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    Delete My Account

    Thanks for providing free hosting, but you are unable to meet my needs. I am unable to achieve my goals with your company due to massive errors, massive database problems, and the unable to even construct my site here due to your 500 ISE. So, please delete my account :)
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    Clarification of ToS

    Before I begin my series of questions, I would personally like to thank you for your service options that you provide for free. I was previously using a competitor, and have lost my website for the remainder of the month as I have managed to hit my bandwidth quota of 10 GB in under 2 weeks and...