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    Frontpage extentions are not installed

    I have been using x10 with the frontpage extensions for a few years now. I now continually get an error when ever I try to use it. FTP works and don't necessarily have a problem with it it is just a nicer display to use frontpage enabled app syncing.
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    cannot get ASP.Net to run after folloing "how to get to work at x10hosting

    I have fully read and I continue to get error 404 the resource cannot be found. I am able to run these pages on other servers with no problem. i do understand that mono is used on x10. does anyone have any ideas?
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    Having trouble viewing threads i post

    I cannot see the threads that i post, however, it says that i am subscribed. and when i click last post it still does not view it.
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    I was just updating my site and noticed that on the version of my file locally i have the script for the ads. i noticed that the file of my homepage on the server does not contain it when it had it last time i uploaded the file. I then looked at all of my other pages and there are no links on...
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    Hi I previously attempted to get ad-enhanced features and I did what I was told to do and notified the advocate that I have done so. I have ceased to see a change in my account. As shown in this link I did what was asked. It would be greatly...
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    How can I get ad-enhanced?

    Hi I have used x10 for a long time. I just opened another account through you and I was wondering how to activate ad-enhanced so that I would be able to obtain more space.