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    Problems with adserve script causing page hangs, and IRC offline

    Hi, was gonna try and get a discussion on IRC going about this. I have an issue where, when there's a problem with the adserve script I need to show (text link ad) on site, it causes the page to hang waiting for the script to respond. Usually it's the MySQL database off-line that the script...
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    Problems with server timeouts.

    The problem I've got could be a hang over from the DNS issues, I'm not sure, but I've been trying to submit a googlesitemap, and due to the recent problems, Google require a re-verificiation (meta tag to confirm it's my site). No probs, I added that, sent Google off to verify, and it came back...
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    stoli server problems

    Hi all, my site's been experiencing problems tonight, with the server status in my account showing online, then offline, then online again. I'm guessing there's still a problem with the stoli server (which was reprotedly resolved in an earlier thread). Any idea when the problem will be...