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  1. pensoftware

    Help about CPLink!

    I entered by account name and I set my account's email. Currently its been a day and I haven't gotten the email. I don't want to get suspended again so can someone help me?
  2. pensoftware

    Solution to user glow problem in FireFox browser!

    Plain and simple, download the IE Tab Extension from the official website.
  3. pensoftware

    [OFF] Selling Maplestory account

    I am selling a lv70 Chief Bandit in Mapleglobal server Bellocan for a domain. The domain should be Also thansk in advance if you decide to buy!
  4. pensoftware

    Username glow?

    I bought the username glow and username underline like a few months ago, and its not working now. Can I get a refund? ^^ Thats the transaction logs. EDIT2: I just noticed that I was using FF that was why it wasn't showing. But the underline thing doesn't work, or does it not work in...
  5. pensoftware


    I have more than 300 points in the bank and when I try to go into it, it says I cant. I'm trying to convert then into x10 cash.
  6. pensoftware

    Rate my site! Can some1 test it and rate it 1-10. Please consider design, load time, and anything you can think of that could help me improve.
  7. pensoftware

    Selling Invision Free v2.0.0 PF-3 [LEGIT]

    I am selling it for 1,000 points each. When you purchase it. All I ask is to not sell it for your own points. Post here if you are interested in buying it.
  8. pensoftware

    Can some1 tell me if this is the legal IF 2.0?

    PART 1: Can someone tell me if this is the legal version?
  9. pensoftware

    Uploading Skins for an Instant Account for PHPbb

    Basicly what the title says. I need a way to upload some skins I made in .css. But when I use my manager for files it doesnt show the "xforums" directory. Can anyone help me?
  10. pensoftware

    Plz reset password for Cpanel and FTP

    Account Name: sphere Domain: email:
  11. pensoftware


    If I have a reseller hosting of my hosting space, then can I copy x10hosting's TOS so that I let them read exactly what my hosting restricts?
  12. pensoftware

    Domain Purchasing

    If you purchase a domain here with points will it last for a year? Or for a life time?
  13. pensoftware

    [OFF]Invision Power Board v2.0.4

    The long wanted Invision Power Board v2.04. Process: 1)I will send you the link 2)Donate the points (75 points).
  14. pensoftware

    MySQL problem

    For some reason it says "MySQL Databases / 3". And then I tried to get on my forum but the MySQL database is missing... Please help me! Is all my MySQL database files deleted? Please help me... EDIT: Here is the error message: mySQL query error: SELECT id, member_id, running_time, location FROM...
  15. pensoftware

    Adding Ads on a Forum

    I tried to add ads on my forum using board wrappers but it wont work... the change button isn't showing. I am using IPB, so I need a alternative way to edit it using FTP. Which file should I edit? Thanks.
  16. pensoftware

    Starcraft/Warcraft maps

    Am I allowed to upload Starcraft and Warcraft maps on this host? I mean like its not illiegal, but I am just wondering because I don't want to get my account suspended.
  17. pensoftware

    [OFF] GMAIL Invites

    I am giving away Gmail invites. You can purchase various packages if you want, I recomemend the 7 Points to start! Price List: 7 - 1 Invite 10 - 2 Invite (Save 4 points!) 18 - 3 Invite (Save 3 points!) 140 - 20 Invite (Save 60 points!) 350 - 55 Invite (Save 32 points!) 650 - 100 Invite (Save...
  18. pensoftware


    Does java work on x10hosting? I am working on a java game and I need to know if x10hosting supports java.