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    Important Errors when trying to login / reply for inactive email

    Hello, Earlier this week I logged in at because of the inactivity notification emails. I even did the password reset yesterday because "Most users who have received an inactivity email will need to do a password reset paragraph". And logged in again. But today a...
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    Can you please update my email address so I can reset my password to login again?

    Hello, I found out my old email is not working anymore so I tried finding a way to reset my password and luckily came across this topic with your instructions...
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    I Can not loing to my email to receive the email to reset my password need help??

    Hello, I'm having the same problem. EDIT: I read the guidelines and made a separate thread. My apologies.
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    Temp folder is probably full

    Hello, I can't upload images in Wordpress, after searching for some solutions on the web it probably seems the temp folder is full. So can you please clean up the temp-folder? Thanks in advanced! :-)