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    Account Not working

    Well, the account is not working still :( do I have to wait for Corey to fix my account?
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    Account Not working

    Well Sadly my account is 5 years old :( well I want the same features but without ads :P how much should I pay :D any how, get my account up and change domain to Thanks
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    Account Not working

    Yes, I want the A record (Ip address). I tried to get the IP from nslookup via the nameservers of x10hosting but it seems that my account is missing! Is it gone for good :(. Please change my domain account to a subdomain ( and fix the account. Then later I can switch back...
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    Account Not working

    no no no! I just switched the DNS of the domain ( to another host! I do not have the IP of the new server here. Please help Corey :(. My Free hosting account panel still reports "Suspended".... username is "csoft" PS... I'm ready to pay $3 to remove this timer thingy...
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    Server Ip

    Ok, my account is missing and the server Ip has changed during the move. I manage my own DNS so can someone tell me the IP of the new server I should be on. Also I'm ready to buy the Inactivity Timer remove thingy soon as my account is recovered. Also is there a option to actually pay to remove...
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    Account Not working

    My hosting account is no longer working. What happened :( I tried unsuspending but it gives an error.
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    Remote Controlled Music Player

    If you ever wanted a 100% free Remote Controllable Music Player you came to the right place. ChiranthaSoft Remote Music is a Remote Control music player that implements Remote Control music at virtually no cost*! Unlike many other software's that require you to have a special devices that cost...
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    MySQL SERVER IS DOWN on chopin... please wait for a admin to fix it

    I just noticed MySQL on chopin is down.. server load is : 37.56 (4 cpus) And mysqld is missing from the server status tab.... *waits for Corey with cute eyes about to cry* :nuts: :laugh: EDIT : Users please bare until a admin fixes the issue...
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    My new place!

    Its a ADSL connection at 2.5Mpbs...
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    My new place!

    Hey everyone, I would like to tell everyone that I've just moved to a new place with my family. It rocks coz the house is very pretty. I also bought new computer tables and a computer chair (with arm rests). Last night I was up till today morning re-wiring my workstations :D. I'll upload some...
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    Well how does this look :D?

    Hey guys and evil girls, Here is the church website I maintain : What do you think? It currently has over 2500 images. I like to use MySQL but.... MySQL can sometimes become a bigger MyHeadache... Review please :) Thanks :P Btw, Girls are evil :biggrin:
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    the Internet in 2012

    People will say many things but its always as they say.... easier said than done ;)
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    Account keeps getting suspended for inactivity....

    Username : csoft Domain : Problem : The account keeps getting suspended the next day after it was unsuspended... :(
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    Site not working

    Hello, Username : csoft Domain : Server : Chopin The site is not working for some reason its says there is no site configured. Please help :( Thanks
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    What is wrong with IRC

    I tried to connect to IRC chat from mIRC and the java client but it just won't work... whats wrong with it? :eek4:
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    Queen Of Angels Church

    Hey! Hey :D I have designed the Queen Of Angels Church website in Sri Lanka. :D Can you guys check it out :cool: Tell me what you think :) I had to post the link because stupid Google is not getting its bot to my site :( If you can send the link to that robot...
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    Did Stoli go down again?

    Is it me or is Stoli outputing blank documents :| is it just me or is Stoli down? Username : csoft Domain
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    Not receiving any e-mail

    I think its locked up again... the Gmail is retrying the sending for the next two days... (and so it said). And also I just tried another e-mail and it was not recevied :(
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    Not receiving any e-mail

    huh? :eek4:
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    Not receiving any e-mail

    Hello, Username : csoft Acount Type : Coperate. Ad-Enhanced Domain : I created the e-mail a few e-mail accounts but I'm not receving any e-mails to them, I don't know whats going on? :o.