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    Two questions

    1. Is it always as slow as it is right now? Or are they doing maintenance or something is happening that makes the cpanel take 3 minutes to load. edit: now it's just one question. The first one is fixed.
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    Sorta new, waiting for activation.

    I think I had this hosting service a while ago when I didn't know much about web building. I'm still waiting for my activation so could someone tell me what this service provides? I need to know if I should continue looking or just wait for the activation. 1) How many mysql databases does it...
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    Ok, so I'm trying to decided wether to use or php

    I understand runs better then php. It's also a lot harder to learn but I don't mind the learning curve. I think sounds a lot better then php even if it is segregated from apache servers and database structures that php uses and doesn't. I'm willing to go the extra mile...
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    Simple SQL Problem

    Yah, I just got back into MySQL and I'm pretty sure your cannot store NOW() as a property. Correct me if I'm wrong though. The only way you should use the now() function is in your php script when the 'whatever' if created and/or modified. Then you can add/rewrite the current value to now().
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    MySQL Error 1044

    Aww, can't wait till zimic is up again. Maybe they do it the RIGHT away. I haven't really checked yet. But they have great service.
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    MySQL Error 1044

    I'm working the the phpmyadmin query. I like to write the code myself, I feel like I have more control over it. But when I try to execute a simple code CREATE DATABASE db_used I get the above error. I'm new to this x10hosting thing and I don't know how to give my user the ability to write...