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  1. ajstetson17

    https site (or site secured by ssl certificate)?

    Alright so this is going to be my last post in this thread as I feel it is getting a bit derailed. I already gave my advice to the OP: use flexible SSL for testing and, if possible, get a real SSL Cert for production. As for you @bdistler, it is apparent that we have differing opinions on this...
  2. ajstetson17

    Please Review My Site

    The site actually looks pretty nice. It is clean and simple, which makes it easy for anyone to use. This might just be me personally, but I find the banner/picture at the top that says "100% Absolutely Free Get Instant Access Now!" is a little offsetting. It kind of reminds me of those "get...
  3. ajstetson17

    https site (or site secured by ssl certificate)?

    Although this alleviates my concerns a little, I still am against Cloudflare's SSL system. Even with using the Full SSL option, Cloudflare is still decrypting you traffic and then re-encrypting it. They are basically a legal man-in-the-middle. Now because they are very focused on security, there...
  4. ajstetson17

    https site (or site secured by ssl certificate)?

    Personally, I strongly dislike Cloudflare's SSL solution, especially flexible SSL. When a visitor visits a website and sees a green lock and an "https" prefix, they assume that their traffic is encrypted all the way to that site. Using flexible SSL is a breach of user trust, as the traffic...
  5. ajstetson17

    WordPress Theme Editor redirects to an Error 404 page on my blog (Urgent)

    It sounds like it could be a mod_security issue, where the data being submitted through the editor is triggering a mod_security rule and redirecting you Tina 404 page. If this is the case, @Dead-i usually can modify the rules to eliminate the false positive.
  6. ajstetson17

    checkout my site I switch to wordpress

    If you want reviews/comments on your site, create your own thread. It gets confusing if there are multiple websites being reviewed in a single thread.
  7. ajstetson17

    403 page

    It might be a mod_security conflict. Usually @Dead-i can help with these.
  8. ajstetson17

    Check out my personal website!

    I actually really like the design. It is done very well. I have two ideas on how it could be improved. First, the links/urls could be cleaned up a little. For example instead of, you could just make it Also, the pages seem to be a little too wide...
  9. ajstetson17

    Let's Encrypt is being used on over a million sites. Why not on x10hosting>?

    Let's Encrypt came out of beta a few days ago.
  10. ajstetson17

    Can I change the domain for my main site?

    In order to use a custom domain, you will have to buy one from a domain registrar (namesilo, namecheap, etc.), point the name servers at x10hosting, and use the domain as either a parked or addon domain.
  11. ajstetson17

    Best Web Browser ?

    Personally, I don't think there is a "best" web browser. It's all a matter of opinion and personal preference, as all web browsers perform the same basic functions pretty well. That being said, I would have to say my web browser of choice would have to be Google Chrome. It's fast and secure, not...
  12. ajstetson17

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Aboard!
  13. ajstetson17

    Lets Encrypt

    Just thought I'd add here that another way to get Lets Encrypt is to use this website: (GitHub Link) It is a similar implementation (and uses similar steps) to what @Skizzerz said above but instead of installing letsencrypt-nosudo, you would just use the website...
  14. ajstetson17

    Just a thought

    I don't believe that it is a quirk or a simple rule. Based on my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong), the link limit is one of the many security measures that they have as part of their mod_security implementation. It is their as a security measure to protect sites against spam and intrusions.
  15. ajstetson17

    Activating SSL on free account?

    SSL is not currently supported on free hosting. You will have to upgrade to premium hosting in order to use your SSL certificate.
  16. ajstetson17

    How do I load HTML file upon site access?

    Try changing the name of the HTML file to "index.html" (without quotes)
  17. ajstetson17

    Protect a Web Page with password.How to?

    There are a lot of ways to do this, depending on what you are trying to do and what your setup is. For example, do you want to password protect your entire site or just one page? Also, are you using a CMS, HTML pages, or some other setup? Here are a few methods: If you are running a CMS, there...
  18. ajstetson17

    Domain transfer

    I believe I may see your problem. You have your domain name registered through, which is also hosting your site, right? I'm assuming you want to cancel with them and move your site here. If this is the case, you will have to transfer your domain to another domain registrar (namesilo...
  19. ajstetson17

    Let's Encrypt

    Letsencrypt requires root access to a server, meaning you have to be on a VPS or a dedicated server to use it. The only way to get it on any shared hosting is if the host implements it in to their system.
  20. ajstetson17

    Missing audio files

    The limit does not apply to upgraded accounts (see post below). You can find a comparison of all the different upgraded plans here: