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  1. Domenico

    doc root variable

    Hello, With the recent modifications to the server configuration, the php global variable $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is now set to usr/local/apache/htdocs instead of the user's home directory (/home/*username*/public_html/). Since I use this variable a lot in my site, the site is no longer...
  2. Domenico

    Link exchange with a graphics design-related site!

    Both TPI007's and mikbrook's sites are not accepted. Sorry I took so long to reply btw. --- Update: all information regarding link exchange with my site can now be found at as opposed to the old url.
  3. Domenico

    Poll: Who is No:1(Google,Yahoo,Microsoft)

    Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are all # 1 in their own feild respectedly. Google is #1 in search engines, Microsoft in software, and yahoo is... nothing comes to mind.
  4. Domenico

    x10Hosting Card

    Fanatic, Good work. Nice image.
  5. Domenico

    Link exchange with a graphics design-related site!

    Sorry, your site is not accepted.
  6. Domenico

    Free ads on my site

    Website Name: s4 Description: An art project to make the world's longest images. All the 'walls' are 100% custom made by our users. Think of the images as huge master pieces of art made by hundreds of artists. Link: YES 5th. Made it just in time.
  7. Domenico

    Watch me tear down other webhosts

    At x10 you WANT to put a butten on your site telling people to get a free website with them.
  8. Domenico

    X10 are number 1

    I take back what I said, after the move there hasn't been any down time at all so far. :biggthump
  9. Domenico

    GD Library

    Hey, Sorry, you can close this thread. I posted about this and another error in the more appropriate Server Move Issues forum.
  10. Domenico

    How many monitors do you have?

    1 standard - not old, but not super awesome monitor currently displaying 1024x768 at 75Hz.
  11. Domenico

    GD Library

    Still an active problem. *bump*
  12. Domenico

    Left 4 Dead

    Yeah but Valve is having a deal on steam where you can get every game they made, (all half-lifes, portal, all CS, TF2, Left 4 Dead and more) for only 99$ USD. The only down site I could see is if you own any of the games already. Assuming you pay full price for L4D that's a savings of $130ish...
  13. Domenico

    Left 4 Dead

    Wate in line? Can't you just download it off steam? O.o
  14. Domenico

    Show us your Prt Scr

    What if you have a mac? You need a therd party app to take a screen shot. That's gotta suck.
  15. Domenico

    GD Library

    Hey all, Just wondering if there's something wrong with the GD library, perhaps due to the recent server move. I'm getting this error: call to undefined function ImageCreateTrueColor(). Should I just hang tight and wait it out or is there something else at work? Thanks. [also...
  16. Domenico

    Show us your Prt Scr

    Am I the only one here with XP?
  17. Domenico

    X10 are number 1

    Yeah... x10's free servers have that much up time.... lets keep saying that... For real though they are good and you can just overlook the downtime because they're just so good.
  18. Domenico

    How to choose a PAID webhost.

    Since this a tutorial about choosing a paid webhost shouldn't you mention recommendations on bandwidth, HD space, number of domain names and sub-domains they offer, number of databases they offer, etc.?
  19. Domenico

    Link Exchange Help Site

    Hey everyone I found this cool site that might help you people get back links to related sites. It's very easy, you sign up and then after a couple of days (after they look over your site) you're able to use it. At that point you can either look though there...
  20. Domenico

    Link exchange with a graphics design-related site!

    Ok, I'll link exchange with you. I put up the link. Sorry for not replying earlier, I wasn't on the forums recently.