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    Easy 20 credits per forum post -- virtually unlimited posts!

    Hey, it's just MyBB Plaza :) There's a module which allows the number of credits/coins/whatever to be shown in the postbit :) Feel free to join btw, we're always looking for new members!
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    Easy 20 credits per forum post -- virtually unlimited posts!

    You're very welcome Adamparkzer! Feel free to come back and post as much as you like, gonna keep doing this 'til I run out of credits ;)
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    1000 points to pick a name for my site

    Techa Mecca!
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    200 credits for the best slogan ( web design firm )

    Dependable. Accessible. Beautiful. Access. Love. Share. TJDzine. Good times. They're all pretty corny, but heh :p Edit: Steadfaster. TJDzine. There's another :p
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    Easy 20 credits per forum post -- virtually unlimited posts!

    Here's what to do: Register on Young Developer Post as much as you want, wherever you want. When you're done, PM me on Young Developer with your x10 username and links to all your posts. Posts must have at least 5 words to qualify! I'll give you 20 credits for every post you make! Repeat until...
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    Database I didn't create suddenly appeared!

    Hello I'm sorry about how many threads I've made in this forum, but I'm having another problem: Somehow a new Mysql database has been created, bumping up the number from 3 to 4. I don't know who/what did this. Joomla! is erroring and I know how advanced it is so maybe it's trying to repair...
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    "Site Closed" Splashscreen ok?

    Hello, while I'm developing my site I'm putting up a simple splash to say that it will open soon. I read in the rules that you need an "Index" uploaded. Does this suffice? The ad's on it etc. I can't really show you it right now since my site seems to be down, but just for reference. Splat
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    My anti-hacking idea:

    Here's an idea I had, that would help sites with their hacking protection and also let people try hacking without doing any real harm. Before a webmaster submits his/her site to the net, it can be uploaded to this site. The members are hackers, and play a crucial role in the system. Once the...
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    Hosting video/music files?

    Hello, I plan to host video/music files which I own the copyrights to. In fact, I will only be linking to them. I read someone got suspended for something similar to I just want to check if it's ok? I read the T&C and is says no copyrighted files, does that apply if I own them? Thanks...
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    "Eval" error on php 2 package?

    EDIT:I'm using SMF version 1.4 - I uploaded it since the one I created with Fantastico failed too... Hello once again! I'm getting another error now, except I'm using the 2nd version of PHP. Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by configuration in...
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    Ads required in iframes?

    Hello, I'm quite new to this site but I think this will be my permanent webhost! :happysad: Just a quick question (I searched but found no answers). If I create a page, and in it is an iframe which contains nothing but a news stream, would I be required to place the advert code for the iframe...