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    Review ma website

    Yes1!! Much much much better, looks really great!
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    New Site Layout

    The first thought that came to mind: Thats not a reflection.... Its an okay looking site, has alot of good use of colors, but it could be alot better. First of all, the navtabs look completely out of place. Try a set horizontal navbar, or move them closer together. For the reflection, go into...
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    My website with a new concept and layout and everything and win 75 credits

    The website is too bland, in my opinion. The text for the logo looks too pixelated and is kinda ugly. I like the rollover effects though and the changing upper color. Perhaps you should integrate this more in some form of background. The template has square rounded courners on all sides except...
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    Melting Point's new website!

    @ Leviathon: Thanks so much for all of the comments, they really helped me get a feel for how I can really polish of this site. Just for clarification: the colors were chosen by the band (which I am not a member of but an external designer for :) ) thus I will be sticking with them for now...
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    Melting Point's new website!

    Okay, thanks alot!!!! Most of the astetics (fonts, colors, size) was preferred by the band, so I really cant to much about that. But I completely agree about the roll over. Ill just have to find a good color to go with it. Is there anyway to bold it without it pushing things to the right? As far...
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    Melting Point's new website!

    Review please!!! Good comments=good rewards. . Be sure to check out the news page, I'm rather proud of that feature (xml based using javascript to change articles). Also be sure to check out the flash mp3 players both under jewish music and media. Best...
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    v.High res photo site

    you could probably get someone on these forms to put together something for you on the cheap. I'd offer to do it for credits, but you dont have many and I'm too busy. Might wana look into though.
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    Noobie website... how to remove the frames...

    Just a heads up, I have a pretty fast internet connection and it took a while to load this site (perhaps b/c I'm on the west coast of US and your in the UK but I digress). Just as a suggestion you might want to scale down the graphics abit. Perhpas centering the header would like nice aswell...
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    Web Design Prices?

    Okay, then charge $18 a page, not $50 and use that as a flat rate. If your truley passionate about this I would think that just being able to get a professional level job, no matter what the pay, was better than going down the street to Taco Bell or w/e. Thats why I just recommend not charging...
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    What do you think of Captive Faith?

    Its okay, thought I would personally clean up the design a little bit. It would be cool if got the bars to go across the screen and then move as the page width changes (with a repeat-x i believe in your css). Further more I would redesign the bars over the page to have a more realisitic look...
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    Web Design Prices?

    To help us better judge, give us some examples of your sites, how experienced are you? What areas are you skilled in? Do you validate your code? All of these has some effect on your prices and also on how much people are willing to pay you. I'm also starting a webdesign company, but will start...
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    Which Design?

    I think that the new one has alot more potential than the first one. The original seems a little too cramped and too small. The second one however looks like it could have more content and overall less cramped. If you went with the second one I would try to make it a little more glossy with...
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    Do you love or hate: OS blog themes?

    depends on which one.... But its still longer than some other sites.
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    Do you love or hate: OS blog themes?

    I agree with livewire that a website designed in the fashion of an operating system GUI can look good. I just dont think that vista and OSX clones are all the creative. By the true sense of the word you cant be creative when cloning something. First of all, if someone has all those skills to...
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    website prmotion tips(1 tip per day)

    I also heard that threatening to kill small animals helps.
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    Do you love or hate: OS blog themes?

    Could you possibly elaborate this further? (this is crossfire after all :P)
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    What is the best designed site you've seen?

    Okay just to clarify something on the 2 advanced sight, they got away with a large background because it was part of the flash animation. That means that the entire animation loaded including the background. You werent able to because your image was large, fairly poor quality, and the last life...
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    your favourite classic gaming platform

    Gotta be the N64. When I was little, I'd go over to my cousins and play banjo twoie, Mario Kart, and Star Fox on that thing. Back before Star Fox became gay....
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    Do you love or hate: OS blog themes?

    So you've seen those vista or mac osx blog/website themes. Sure they look pretty, but they are resource hogs, they use images directly from the operating system, and often they make external graphics look bad. It also seems to me that these reduce the creativity of the designer. Instead of...
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    any constructive criticism?

    It looks suspended to me... Might want to take care of that (oh and just a suggestion, if you provide an actual link, more people will review it).