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    suspended due to unsuported language

    Dear x10hosting staff, just about 10 minutes ago I got suspended due to unsuported language. I used to run a primary site here in Dutch. I got privileges for that some while ago (just after I signed up) by a administrator on the forum. It might be that there was some sort of mistake here but...
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    Why Opera is not So popular being the coolest browser?

    I did prefer firefox for a long time but since Chrome came up I changed my mind. I still like some features of firefox over Chrome so I still use it. The lack of a plugin feature forces me to use firefox.
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    Should old games be legal to download?

    I think old games that dont get sold anymore should be free AND legal to be downloaded. If nobody can make profit of it, then why wont you allow this??
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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    I prefer CoreFTP because it always works well, FileZilla is also great but it is a bit large in size compared to CoreFTP. SmartFTP basicaly sucks.
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    Suspended but not suspended ??!!

    Thank you very much
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    Suspended but not suspended ??!!

    Hi, whenever I visit my site I get a message that my accaunt is suspended and that I can solve it in Accaunt Panel, but accaunt panel says my accaunt is in good standing. Would you please unsuspend me so I can setup my new site soon? Thankyou very much Regardz
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    Small proxy server alowed??

    Hi, I was just wondering if x10 allows members to have a small proxy script running. I have been looking for a while but couldnt find any information related to this. I was planning to setup Glype to access restricted webpages at school. Grtz Hans
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    Kids Like Porn.

    Are there only adults hosting their site here?? Stra-a-a-ange.. Anyways, to go ontopic: I am a kid, i'm a 14 year old Dutch boy and yes, I DO watch porn every now and then. I agree with some of you that watching porn can result in "brain-wasshing" kids making the reality show up diferent for...
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    What's playin' on your stereo?

    Hmm, lets have a listen. I always listen music, Bonkers trough my speakers now but i dont like that very much. I usualy listen radio but my iPod contains all albums of linkin park, fort minor, eminem and greenday. Invaders must die from the prodigy (album). Etc.
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    Backup Issues

    Lucky me, I backuped my Wordpress posts just before crash. Im going to host DB at other service till X10 is back online :D
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    Suspension for high-usage?

    Everybody spam the admins :P. I left 3 messages to corey and also have 3 tickets open. FIX IT guys. (Also @lotus and waiting more then 2 days already)
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    [Urgent] Unsuspend FAST

    Hi, Please unsuspend me ASAP, and when I say ASAP I mean ASAP. I need it to be done within 2 hours. Thx guyzz. BTW: Its bcuz of CPU Overload or something. Strange.
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    Suspension for high-usage?

    Im not stupid but I cant see the stupid unsuspend button, i'm feeling realy bad now. Within 20 hours the papers will be printed. :(
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    Suspension for high-usage?

    Who unsuspended you? Ask him if he wants to unsuspend me too ;)
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    Suspension for high-usage?

    Are you also at Lotus?
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    Suspension for high-usage?

    How do I unsuspend myself? Ofcourse i didnt only made post here, I made tickets, am online in chat, and put some posts at Coreys profile
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    Suspension for high-usage?

    I am also suspended and I need unspusension URGENT. My website will come in big newspaper and will be spread all over the country. Or ill put a ''Hosted by X10hosting" in the article.
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    [Urgent/critical] Suspended and SQL broken

    Well, thanks. My problem isnt resolved jet but the second link helped me get calm. BTW: If a mod would close this thread, pls unsuspend then.
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    [Urgent/critical] Suspended and SQL broken

    Hi, 2 days ago Lotus MySQL was doing strange and yesterday it was very instable too. Now i'm suspended without a reason, it says: Please unsuspend me and fix MySQL ASAP since im coming in a big newspaper with my site. Regardz Hans
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    Woww, thats what I call service. Its working again, no better hosting then x10 for sure (but...

    Woww, thats what I call service. Its working again, no better hosting then x10 for sure (but maybe a better server then lotus :P) -edit- Well not that great service, im suspended now. Pls unsuspend me fast :d. Or read tickets