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    i'm on absolut and i have the same problem
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    Account Question.

    i dont see why it would be against any rules....but then again I'm nobody!!!!
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    Website down Cpanel offline

    my site went down around the 29th:dunno: maybe 5 days after i even set it upi havent had ftp access since the 27th....gotta wait it out though:rant2:lol
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    What are some other free hosts that you been with?

    i dont know about this thread...i'm gonna hold my font though.
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    New Site Builder

    im assuming the site builder is for pure html sites only?????
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    Please help! Site Disappeared

    the admins are fixing some kind of bug in the cpanel script. from what i understand it should be fixed by tomorrow. i have the same problem.
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    Updates, including rollbacks \ Apache success

    *waits for magic* thnx
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    Website Not Working

    EXACT same issue here.
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    Site inaccesible... Please help me

    I've seen about 3 post with the same issue and i have the same problems as well. i can only assume there is some type of work going on with the servers and hope theres no data lost.
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    Servers down?

    i havent been able to veiw my site for the last 3 hour . cant log in to control panel either. all servers looked to be up via acct panel of main site. i'm clueless.
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    HELP!! Trying to make something

    it for whatever reason wouldnt allow me to unzip the file. i thought that maybe the server required it to be a different file type to unzip (.tar.gz) and just used my ftp. if its a feature available to everyone else i may have support look into it one of these days.
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    domain name issues...

    i wasnt aware that i can uploaded to the public_html. my previous host would have tried to suspend my acct for not creating a directory within the directory i was given. (good thing they closed down) also i've been messing around with it and thats why its no longer going to cgi-bin. the reason i...
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    HELP!! Trying to make something

    ur gonna need a ftp client because form my experience the file manger here doesnt let u upload whole folder.create a directory (folder) and upload all the files to that folder. assuming your cms has an installer u wont need to edit the php files to get it up and "running". to connect via ftp ur...
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    If a nuclear World War III were to break out tommorow, what would you do?

    i hate to say it but if a nuclear war broke out tommorrow i doubt there would anything i could do to survive. my best bet is to campaign for the army with the bomb. either that or stow away on the next space craft to the international spacestation.:dunno:
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    domain name issues...

    i setup a domain name but its being directed to the cgi-bin directory. it should be directed to pls help!!!!!!!!