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    account suspension help

    My account was suspended with a suspension code of 3E61BC84B466. How can I go about unsuspending it?
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    I need to know this. Why I can't reach my site

    About 2 months now since I moved to a new area, I've not been able to reach my site. I get time out all of the time. It seems I'm able to reach my site through only one ip. Is x10 members sites configured to use just one ip? Because of this, I signed up with other free host and they are working...
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    Where did the back up go

    It seems the back up option is lost from the control panel. :dunno:. where did it go? Also, there are many times when I cannot access my site although others at different network does. Whats wrong with my ip. Is each account restricted to certain ips?
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    PHP error, pls help

    Please help me with this error. I am running a joomla site and gets this error whilst using joomla explorer to manage my files What should I do
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    Sorry for the inconvenience! Disk Space full

    Please I want to know if this is a system problem or my site alone. I received this message from the browser while trying to access my cpanel :dunno::dunno: Please help
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    What about Hits 4 Pay

    Have any of you joined or use Hits4pay PTR? I think they are quite good paying 0.02$ per email. But I wonder how long they've been on the net and if they have even paid anyone:dunno: The link is: Direct :
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    Is seo all the answer

    This just came across my mind and think it will be right to share with you guys so that you tell me your idea about it. Many webmasters like myself have been concentrating too much on seo that we forget about the real traffic itself. Do you do backlinking just for seo or for traffic? This I ask...
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    Error: The Requested Url Could Not Be Retrieved

    My server status says everything is alright since there is no red but I cannot access the cpanel (not my site) I receive the following message from my browser Please can you tell me the problem, I will be glad to hear rather than only the solution if you please, because I always get this error.
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    Google Index Vrs PageRank

    I started one of my sites with a page rank of 0. I turn to one way link since they say is the best way of getting higher page rank. but still the page rank remained 0. I was wondering if that is because of the fact that google has not indexed my site or there are other factors. In a nut shell...
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    Is there no follow attribute in this forum?

    I read somewhere that google introduced the rel=nofollow attribute and suggested that all forums and blogs use it to avoid improper pagerank.:nuts: But in a seo view, forum posting is one way of linking your site to search engines for easy access and indexing. :dunno: I was just wondering if...
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    How can Your get indexed by google

    I have been trying eversince my site came to life. Although I have received about 1500 hits within the past three days, submitted my site to google but still have not been indexed. my site map is ok. Is there any secret about how google index pages. Or the site design and or subdomain problem...
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    Is it IP block

    I have not been able to access my site or any of x10 subdomain names in the forum. I either receives time out or cannot find server messages :nuts: I posted it about three days ago and the admin replied that it is not an issue on stoli. but my dns still show red, offline and ftp too since...
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    DNS Offline

    I have an account unsuspension but my account control pannel tells me that my dns is offline. This has happened to me since the last three months, I have not been able to access my site nor the cpanel. I was just wondering if is the my country which is blocked since I cannot access any...
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    Banner and text link advertisement

    I am offering a free link placement in my directory and a banner advertisement on top of every page. It is really a rotating one, providing you with a lifetime stats The link placement is at Post your banner ad url, banner link url and I will provide...
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    My new directory review and submit site

    Hey guys! I just finished setting my new directory and I am yet to import all my links. I would be glad if anyone can review my site and give me a feedback here. the site is : Link to submit link :
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    Help me with my Cpanel

    I have not been able to access my cpane l or website for about three days now and I wonder the problem. I ask for support and for all I know they responds as if everything is ok. That makes me doubt if it is the fault of my internet connection or the server. Please tell me if you can see my...
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    Is real- free domain name ?

    Please let me know if you have receive a free domain name from triple .com after inviting three friends. Since two people signed under me but the statistics says they have not been verified. It makes me doubt the ingenuity of this triple .com promotion and had thus terminated my advertisement...
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    my site and cpanel are all down

    I can't access both my site and control panel since the suspension was lifted. I've been trying it all day but they are still not responding I only get can't connect to site or network and timeout messages. Is it a problem with the server or my internet connection? site...
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    Can't connect to my cpanel

    I get operation timeout everytime I try to connect to my cpanel link Please help me
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    asp file accepted

    From the description I had about x10 at free-webhosts, this server accept .asp files and can execute it. I build my site using asp files and they don't seems to work. Instead of a webpage, I get text file. Does this server really accept asp files? :dunno: