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  1. phazzedout

    What is the best RPG game?

    I got the newletter from that. I forgot which gpotato game I registered too. Well I would try it out but I don't think it is Linux compatible. I made the complete migration to Linux now.
  2. phazzedout

    AMD or INTEL for a new purchase ?

    My current laptop runs on AMD. I used to have a laptop with about the same specifications as this one that had Intel and I will tell you. Intel ran a lot smoother and cooler. My AMD processor keeps overheating and would have burst of energy and sometimes run really slow. I am still using this...
  3. phazzedout

    PHP or Javascript

    Thank you both of you. You are right, Ruby on Rails is not on the free servers, do not know why since it is free. Oh well. I guess I will have to refresh my memory on Javascript and learn much more PHP. Thank you. I tried building him a website 2 years ago when all I knew was HTML, CSS, and...
  4. phazzedout

    PHP or Javascript

    I was asked by my father to build him a website with a contact form, image galleries, sending images of his products through emails, other things like that. Which language would it be best to build that kind of website with. Would it be easier and better with PHP or Javascript. Ruby would also...
  5. phazzedout


    I had to go to the hospital this week, for the whole week. Now, can anyone tell me why IV is 1.1k$? Or why the ambulance is 1.4k$? Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong there.
  6. phazzedout

    Changing web links address

    Well if you web links are /web/link/s.html you probably won't have a problem, if it is then you will have to change them. Worth a try.
  7. phazzedout

    hosting is weird

    @Alex Mac Awesome because I can not work on my website if it is always down. As a matter of fact it is down as of now. Hmm. If there is any help needed I might be able to help.
  8. phazzedout

    hosting is weird

    I hope this gets fixed fast.
  9. phazzedout

    robots.txt help

    I need some help with robots.txt. I know you could use it to stop the search engine robots from going through parts or all of your website with this file but I need something explained. Ok let's say I have this: /public_html/ robots.txt - do not go into...
  10. phazzedout

    hosting is weird

    Dang, my website is still offline. It has been like this all day. :(
  11. phazzedout

    The best site I ever Surfed!

    @Zubair Hmm, IDK but when they first came out they only had a contract to air the site in the U.S. maybe this has changed. I personally prefer Google, I can not live without Google, although Google only cares about getting as much information for their AdSense, they are still not that bad...
  12. phazzedout

    hosting is weird

    You know it, my website has been down since 11 pst, it is now 3 pst. :(
  13. phazzedout


    Spam anyone?
  14. phazzedout

    What is so original about the film Avatar?

    The story is not original, and it will be rare to find an original story from here on out. Most stories have been said, picked at, dissected, examined, cloned and reproduced. The most original story I have seen last year is One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This movie was released decades ago...
  15. phazzedout

    x10 hosting irritates with inactivity

    @carl6969 LOL, yeah, we will see him make another post 30 days from now about the same thing.
  16. phazzedout


    Both Universal health care and private healthcare can peacefully coexist. I do not need a luxurious health plan just enough to know that if I feel from a stairs that I can get a cast for my broken bones, or that if I were to get in a car crash they could help me. I do not need special things...
  17. phazzedout

    Reproductive Ethics

    @1.supermind No. We are not any regular animal, we are THE animal. We are at the top of the food chain but not only are we at the top but we can manipulate the food chain the way we want it to be. If a human killing virus that threatens to destroy humanity runs around the globe we can find...
  18. phazzedout

    Will you keep on getting free software?

    This is all great and all but many of the programming jobs are going to India. You could say that it is because we pirate software, Yes and No. Companies are in business to make profit. If there is a chance to make a larger profit margin they will jump on the chance to go on it. Ok so now...
  19. phazzedout

    Advantages V Disadvantages - One database - Many Scripts

    I use many but that is because I got used to it. Why did I get used to it you ask? Well I thought you could only use one at a time, if that makes sense. Now I just got used to it. I am still a noob so I am learning much about MySQL but security would be a flaw but unless your website is on the...
  20. phazzedout

    The best site I ever Surfed!

    @knockoutjams is only accessible in the U.S.