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  1. krofunk

    Reinstall Windows

    Ideally you would perform a backup and restore using external media..however you should be able to do an 'upgrade' install. Just boot from the windows DVD and select upgrade. ...been a while though, you may not be able to do it as obviously the version of windows will be the same.
  2. krofunk

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned because I haven't posted in ages and this thread was still active when I was last here.
  3. krofunk

    Logo Fail

    ...just, wow.
  4. krofunk

    Website not Working

    I can get to your site, but you seem to have some broken code as it is causing Chrome to fall over. I would suggest you check your site using the w3c validation tools to check for errors.
  5. krofunk

    Laptop, possible battery is not recharging? Battery is new.

    It is not unheard of for the charge circuit to become faulty. If the laptop is under warranty then I would just take it back!
  6. krofunk

    Answer with question??

    The question is do you like you?
  7. krofunk

    Vending Machine (Game)

    you get nothing at first, but later you get loads of cold calls from vending machines all over the world. I insert a broken CD-R
  8. krofunk

    Site Error After Installing Wordpress theme

    Have you checked the error logs from inside cpanel?
  9. krofunk

    The Ctrl+V game
  10. krofunk

    404 error

    If you can access cpanel you should be able to access your websites error logs, there will be more details about the error there. If you are still having issues then I am sure that someone could help you if you post the error log on here.
  11. krofunk

    Question About Premium Hosting

    I have multiple domains for my premium account. The account it's self can have unlimited domains but you have to purchase the domain from somewhere, I get mine from
  12. krofunk

    What was your first gaming machine or pc

    Thinking of this made me look up the c64 (I was bored) :rolleyes: but commodore is back!
  13. krofunk

    What was your first gaming machine or pc

    c64 with a green screen, I think I only had like 5 games. I do miss the text based games though.
  14. krofunk

    Computer not working

    If it turns on but nothing happens (ie no beeps or post) then MY initail thought would be that there is a problem with the 12volt ATX supply to the board (4pin plug near cpu with black and yellow wires). This problem can be reproduced on any computer by unplugging this cable and turning it on...
  15. krofunk

    Scrolling message board problem

    I would like to think that a CMS would be the best option, however I am dealing with people that are 'difficult' to work with when it comes to changes. (The move from xp to 7 was horrible) as matt_a_nice_guy_200061 said the staff are comfortable with word and would like to use it for the message...
  16. krofunk

    Scrolling message board problem

    So nobody has any ideas on this one?! I am fresh out of inspiration when it comes to solving this problem.
  17. krofunk

    Scrolling message board problem

    I am just going to throw my problem out there and see if anyone knows a solution. I have been asked to make a message board at work (that displays in a browser) ..this is not a problem :rolleyes: What is a problem is that the other staff want to use a word document for editing the message...
  18. krofunk

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because I haven't banned anyone in a while...
  19. krofunk

    N64 best games anyone?

    In this order; Zelda OoT Pokemon Stadium 1/2 Super Mario 64 Lylat Wars (starfox 64 over seas) Supersmash brothers Mario Kart ...I think thats pretty much it for games that I would play now from back then.
  20. krofunk

    RuneScape Private Server

    ...I loaded your page and saw 2 breaches of ToS :rolleyes: