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    Hiding information when server problem

    I think what the OP wants is to still have errors but not have them displayed but written to a file if that is the case please read
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    Can't send emails.

    Emails seem to be working again. I will let you guys know if email stops working again.
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    Can't send emails.

    I too am having this same issue the cpanel email is not sending and same with the php mail() function. I have tried sending email to both my yahoo mail and gmail account.
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    Cpanel Server not licensed

    ^^^ Thank you works just fine now.
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    Cpanel Server not licensed

    I also am having this issue.
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    what do you think about this design?

    Wow that is cool. It is amazing how the clouds move and the best part is that you did not use an animated gif to achieve that. Great work.
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    What to look for in a traffic exchange site?

    I am currently working on making my own traffic exchange website Not much is done right now but I want to make it good right from the ground up. So I want everyone ideas on what makes a traffic exchange good. I will be writing the script in php as it is...
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Google chrome good linux support.