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  1. Ohso

    site blocked from search engines

    Yeah that is strange. It seem like .bz is a definitely not very popular TLD, Google will not show any search results of sites with that TLD when I tried searching. If it matters to you, I would say it's worth changing to or or any other that x10hosting has available. That...
  2. Ohso

    403 Error With 404 .../wp-admin/post.php

    What are you trying to post? I found having HTML or PHP code pasted onto my posts cause this due to mod_security they have enabled on servers.
  3. Ohso

    la la la

    la la la
  4. Ohso

    Worst Control Panel you have used

    I've never really used anything other than cPanel so I can't really say I know of a worst control panel eva. I'll use cPanel only if I really need to. I'm so used to FTP and Notepad++, I can't imagine using anything else. I used to not like using FTP and used mostly cPanel always. My have...
  5. Ohso

    Your Username

    Cus of WoW and raidcall, would get a kick out of how most from other side of the world would pronounce my toons name. It sounded like 'oh so'.
  6. Ohso

    Mybb Error

    You can upload the files using FTP. Filezilla is a decent program, you login using same control panel credentials. So you'd take the files from the mybb zip and upload them via FTP instead of having the server unzip them.
  7. Ohso

    Temporarily disabled for Resource usage

    Not available not to free hosting i think, unless that has changed recently.
  8. Ohso

    Something I've noticed here

    They are pretty good with getting back to you on the free forums, true. Imagine coming home from work, or being at work. I'd be pulling my hair out personally =p
  9. Ohso

    Temporarily disabled for Resource usage

    Thanks for the update... it's good to read up on updated info. It helps prevent members like me from posting blindly. --edit: also, sorry about that!
  10. Ohso

    Temporarily disabled for Resource usage

    With x10's free servers you have to have a little bit more patients (generally true with shared hosting) . I remember when I had similar issues on xo2 it was usually someone spoiling it for everyone using some bad script that made it unstable for the rest. etc. and plus, consider that it can...
  11. Ohso

    Thanks a bunch for the help on switching back my cpanel theme for me, much appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch for the help on switching back my cpanel theme for me, much appreciated!
  12. Ohso

    Is wordpress too resouce intensive for x10?

    Or are the servers just quirky tonight/ I manually installed wp, posted about 3 or 4 Lorem test posts, few images, installed uninstalled few 3 to 5 wodpress themes to test out... you know... normal webmaster stuffs, and suddenly poof You have reached entry processes (number of simultaneously...
  13. Ohso

    Prime Upgrade: Does it give you more subdomains?

    Oh got it. Thanks Anna
  14. Ohso

    Prime Upgrade: Does it give you more subdomains?

    Why does Premium get it's own website and the rest of the plans do not?
  15. Ohso

    Error 403 with SMF?

    Nothing you can do about it apparently
  16. Ohso

    403 Forbidden using certain features

    I thought Prime Accounts could turn mod_security off? also really, I'm asking because I would like to know if it's possible to disable it with prime account.
  17. Ohso

    phpMyAdmin cannot download database backups

    The strange part is, if your using a software that makes its own database structure backups, like a forum software, the download is regular as in super fast compared to phpMyAdmin. Have any of you tried alternative way to backup database like Adminer? give it a shot
  18. Ohso

    Phpbb or mybb

    3.1 is not even 6 months old so you wont find a lot of exciting extensions for it. That why I stick to 3.0.12 as it will also be supported for a while longer anyway. plus, you can modify it to your hearts content whereas with 3.1 they have decided to discourage hacking core files.
  19. Ohso

    yrcalc.php file returns 404 error

    What is the file supposed to do, is it a regular php based webpage? There have been recent similar troubles due to mod_security being enabled on the servers.
  20. Ohso

    403 Forbidden

    Looks like mod_security? is not allowing iframes to be posted... I was testing my own anti spam script and I get the same deal as you when mentioning the little blue pill on a test post.