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  1. Darkmere

    Monopoly board

    Frankfriend you are correct the US ones are B&O, Reading, Short Line and Pennsylvania.
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    Might want to read rules mate ... this room it is forbidden to start one liners. This more for well thought out discussions.
  3. Darkmere

    404 Site files deleted at Stoli.Pls help

    Same issue but I know it is an issue due to it wont even allow me access to the web directory the files are in nor will it allow me to upload any files
  4. Darkmere

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox (I love their sync feature). Tried Chrome but after seeing it was using up 4 to 6 gigs of my ram I was like this is enough (laugh)
  5. Darkmere

    Which Web Browser you like most?

  6. Darkmere


    I dont believe you can anymore ... Google changed the way pages are displayed and searched
  7. Darkmere

    Computer not working

    I could be something faulty with your power supply.
  8. Darkmere

    Stop ACTA

    Great Post
  9. Darkmere

    Best Malware Detectors? Is Spybot Search & Destroy up to date?

    Malwarebytes is by far the best ... it is the only freeware software that will remove malware that expensive programs state it cannot be removed
  10. Darkmere

    Spyking on your own kids?

    Well the point of spying is to ensure your not doing anything wrong. And I dont think giving them a warning is a wise isea. That would be like me being a Credit Agency and calling you up telling you that your car is up for repo. If you warn them they are still going to do what ever it is they...
  11. Darkmere

    Posting in forum once a month

    You dont even have to post
  12. Darkmere

    DOCTYPE getting changed?

    It supposed to do that ... the doc type you are using XHTML 1.0 which needs that decleration
  13. Darkmere

    div element excluding lists?

    You can do the same thing with Dreamweaver ... just click the inspect code button
  14. Darkmere

    Happy New Year All!

    Happy New Years everyone
  15. Darkmere

    "Unable to connect" when viewing website (stoli)

    Yep same thing
  16. Darkmere

    Spyking on your own kids?

    False statement ... LINUX can and will get Spyware, you just have to be really stupid to get it. But most people that make Spyware wont make them for LINUX machines because LINUX isnt a very popular OS and they feel it is a waste of time.
  17. Darkmere

    What did you get for christmas then?

    I got Skyrim and that is it
  18. Darkmere

    Posting in forum once a month

    You dont have to post at all just log in
  19. Darkmere

    What OS is your phone running

    The new Galaxy S II has ICS on it according to Samsung
  20. Darkmere

    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    You havent played with all tablets ... Windows has had a Tablet out since 2001 that is a fully functional computer they come with 1 to 4 gig ram and around 500 gig HDD and runs Windows 7. The old ones where the size of a laptop and could convert into one but the new ones are the same size as a...