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  1. fiendking04

    review my social networking site

    Aha. Working for me now.
  2. fiendking04

    NJ Roofing Contractors

    I've been designing websites for a decade. It's not perfect, but you certainly don't need a new one.
  3. fiendking04

    Returning fan!

    Been with x10 on and off for at least three or four years now. Run multiple forums and websites with these guys, and never had an issue! x10 Hosting is DEFINITELY the BEST free hosting available! Anyways, since this is the area for people to get to know each other... I'm a 21 year old; father...
  4. fiendking04

    Not really new to X10, but a returning fan!

    Welcome back! :D
  5. fiendking04

    review my social networking site

    Looks like it's down. :|
  6. fiendking04

    Review My forum

    Looks down from here. :|
  7. fiendking04

    Please review my free classified website

    Looks down from here! D: Also checked with "isup" and same thing. :|
  8. fiendking04

    Validate your site with

    Very helpful! I'll definitely be sure to Bookmark/Favorite both of these!
  9. fiendking04

    An appology

    If you don't mind my asking, exactly what issues were you having? I've been using x10 for a couple of years now, and I've never had any issues with any of my sites or any of the staff.
  10. fiendking04

    NJ Roofing Contractors

    I really dig the site. :3 I think that it's laid out well, and looks professional. If I was in NJ and needed a roofing job done, I'd definitely give you a call!
  11. fiendking04

    Review my Site

    Website looks OK, but could definitely use some UI improvements. Maybe have categories of games on the front page instead? ..and like someone else said, I'd definitely recommend having a dedicated affiliate/sponsor/"I got these/this game from here" page. Other than those minor issue, I like it...
  12. fiendking04

    Review my website :D

    As long as you apply what you've learned from moderating and running those other websites and services, I think that you should do well. As for the website, I actually really like it! I might even sign up for it myself. :p
  13. fiendking04


    Seems very spammy and busy. Also, having an advertisement (pop-up specifically) as soon as the page loads is a great way to drive away people. Definitely get rid of the pop-up and maybe rearrange things a little bit?
  14. fiendking04

    Account Deletion

    Is it possible to transfer my account from the hosting server "boru" to another one? If not, I would like for my account to be deleted: cPanel username: FiendKing04/FK04 (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and...