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    (Urgent) I cannot read my email, My forum is no longer working

    My email is working again and it's no longer telling me that I am not allowed to submit support tickets. I will handle the rest through that. Thank you. edit: sorry, I forgot how to close these
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    (Urgent) I cannot read my email, My forum is no longer working

    A few months ago, the space allotted for my website changed from 500 MB to unlimited. I didn't abuse this in any way however I was less conservative with my space consumption. About a week ago, the space allotted shifted back to 500 MB and it claims I am at 523 MB, and will not let me log onto...
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    My post count.

    I have nearly 270 posts. When did that happen? I rarely post here but I guess since I've been around for nearly 3 years it's just gotten up that high.
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    Php coding help

    I am wondering if there is a way to modify a function with code, for example a forloop or something. Example: function dostuff() { otherfunction1; otherfunction2; otherfunction5; } based on user input (which could be infinitely varied), I want to be able to change dostuff(), so that...
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    Email setup through cPanel

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't decide where to put it. --- Through the cPanel, I just created an email account on one of my domains ( I'm pretty sure it's a working email account but I can't figure out how to use it. Can anyone help me?
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    header function fails even on pure php pages

    I think your problem is that you are sending output to the page, and then you are trying to modify the headers (set a cookie, start a session, ect.). This is illegal code: <? echo "hello"; setcookie(...); ?> Instead, this will not be illegal: <? setcookie(...); echo ?>
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    Ajax help.

    ehh, polling is involved, but not exactly. I'm very new to ajax, and I don't really know what I'm talking about. Could you give a list of ajax methods and a brief description of each?
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    What's the meaning of life?

    There is definitely a deeper meaning. While I agree that personal happiness is essential to life, I also think that that's not all there is to it. It's about not only personal happiness, but also that others are happy as well.
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    Ajax help.

    Hey. Here is the scenario: I am on site A. I send GET data to site B. I want the response to go to site C. But it keeps returning to site A. How do I change this?
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    Empire Attack It's a real-time-strategy game that's lots of fun. The graphics are mundane (not as in pixelated, but as in there is not much going on), but fighting other people is a lot of fun. The learning curve is about 5 min to become competent, and if you read the help tab after...
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    Thank you. What is the php code to put something in sha256? I know sha1 works as such: <? $string = "hi"; $string = sha1($string); ?> btw, I do indeed mean forward only. sha512 would only be considered overkill if it would come with a great performance hit.
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    do NOT use md5. It's been cracked so that a normal comp can create a working collision in only 1 hour.
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    <?php $code = "Encrypt Me!"; $password = "don't tell"; $code = sha1($code.password); echo $code; ?> What you get returned will be 40 digits long and in hexadecimal. It's plenty secure for most sites. Even if the person messes with the cookies, he will need the password to bypass your security.
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    What is the most powerful free encryption I can get on x10hosting? I'm currently using sha1, but for a project I need something more powerful. I'm going to assume that sha512 is the best?
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    php htmlentities()

    I'll give you reputation (first reply) because it was helpful, but I was actually looking for the reverse. I want to replace the '&amp;nbsp;' with '&nbsp;', not the other way around. But I can use the same method.
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    php htmlentities()

    I want to use the htmlentites() method, but I don't want the method to change the input ONLY FOR the tag "<br>", and the phrase "&nbsp;" I will take code alternate to htmlentities(), so long as it will not compromise security.
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    html tables: specifying dimentions

    I can specify the width, but I'm having trouble telling the server how long to make my tables. How can I do this? edit: I've realized that I can make the table longer, but how do I make the table shorter than the default? ie: I cannot make the height less than 50, but I want it to be 35.
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    Adsense Account Holders Read This!

    To be honest, I wouldn't worry about this.
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    I need a very knowledgeable scripting mentor for a school project I am doing based off of the web. The project is set to take at least 3 more months (but you would not need to mentor for the full time - preferably at least half). Right now I need mentoring on making the site secure against...