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  1. dansken

    How much RAM do you have?

    I'm using 4 GB from Corsair The Dominator GT series really great! I need it since i'm a heavy gamer and i also use heavy apps like photoshop CS4
  2. dansken


    Well the only thing i saw was a login screen, so not really much to say but maybe if this is what you want reviewd, you could make it more square (think about how cpanel login looks like) Cheers
  3. dansken

    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    Defnitely the Playstation 3 it has just sooo much more to offer than the xbox 360! i hate the fact that xbox is sooo loud, you cannot watch a movie decently because the fans overwhelm everything. as a fact, the playstation is so silent that my brother did not know it was on for almost a week...