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    100 crds for website promotion

    google webmaster tools are great you can see what people sreach for to find your site and work on the areas they want ive leant a few things about google and the way it ranks pages 1. content (how good is it ie. do you have high traffic) 2. Key words (good to have these in meta tags google...
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    Free software from me

    when they post do you want it?
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    it's in £ and if some one clicks an ad you get around an extra £0.4
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    Free software from me

    as i want to chose the best person to give it to
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    looking for some forum ideas

    ive got some free software codes for you could give them away just 400 credits (and a nice position in your forum Hint Hint) for each code even tho it is worth over £1500
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    Free software from me

    im offering a code for the site which offers free mircosoft software (it is a microsoft site) just give the best reason you need the software and what you will use it for and ill chose the best one (there may even be a second place prize) good luck any questions pm...
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    dummies books are always good ive got php book and its really good and easy to lean with dummies look on amazon and check book reveiws
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    search non-referral: sign up here and then get people to search on you seach engine you get money 0.015p per serch oh and if you reffer someone you get part of their clicks
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    Need Cartoon Made!

    i made a sketh ill need to make it transparent tho as it was scaned in ill have it for you soon
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    looking for some forum ideas

    games! every body love games a forum should always have game weather just a thread where you post or real flash games and best thing yet a game site not blocked by schools
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    Looking for 2-3 Admins for a MMORPG (Browser Based)

    site down but id be intrested
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    Battle of the Browsers

    ie 8 is good but firefox tops it
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    200 credits for the best slogan ( web design firm )

    design with dizine quality to you <haven't thouhgt of second part> we put design in Graphic design ill have more later
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    Problem with my site

    go to then login then click View Suspension Report after youve read that to know why click Open a Support Ticket an beg for mercy and say youll change your ways!!! what ever it is you did!?
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    No knowledge of web design

    try micrsoft expression web trial only 60 day's but thats engough time it's easy to use easy to learn and is newbie freindly or use the one on your cpanel or i could design it for you but if you want no cost then you prob won't choose me what is the business? do you need e commerce?
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    Check Out My New Site!

    it's too butiful to look at my eye arrrrrrrgggggh! very nice a clean finsh no errors in ie8 so that got to be good news!? nice porfolio what do you need our opinion on it for compared to that sites designer were all newb's or at least i am thanks you made my day!
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    Website creation

    i use a tool and manual but if im really stuck i go to dynmic drive to give me ideas i use Dreamweaver Microsoft Expression web notepad IE8's Developer tool and a few other things
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    New to this but tell me what you think!

    it's alright for a newb made the banner smaller it's too inyou face center it all and possibly have a back ground color rather than plain white or just a border round text would just break it up a bit better
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    History/Geography Trivia

    what is the palte movment that made the alp's called? and yes i do know this
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    GammaBux - another way to earn money

    no they have loads they all do as once people are on these sites they can't help but have a look