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  1. pbmuja

    Unsuspend Account

    Dear Administrator, Kindly unsuspend my account. I paid an inactivity timer for 1 year yesterday. My Receipt No: 3180-1700-6274-6000. My account name is pbmuja and website domain is Regards, PBMUJA
  2. pbmuja


    Go to Joomla site forum... There are a lot tutorial videos available
  3. pbmuja

    13 free & very useful php/mysql scripts

    Thanks for the scripts. Can these be incorporate to Joomla CMS?
  4. pbmuja

    Want some free graphics?

    I'm sorry to tell you this but today if you use those animation gifs on your website it will look like cheap, unprofessional and annoying. It will also lost the credibility of your site. This is just a constructive criticism that might help you though.
  5. pbmuja

    Photoshop Video Tutorials

    Good.... Thanks though!
  6. pbmuja

    What do you think of my website logo?

    Cool, simple and the message of that illustrates the logo speaks for itself. The Text for Blackberry is quite too strong and it has no contrast. You put too much shadows and the beveled is too sharp try to adjust it and make it more smooth. Its just my suggestion as a fellow graphic designer.
  7. pbmuja

    Any idea on cool video editing s/w

    I used Adobe Premier I like it because it has many feature and its very powerful you can create almost anything but its not for free though. Since you are already using adobe premier try to download their video tutorial using torrent and go to and try to search for -...
  8. pbmuja

    What CMS do you suggest?

    I've been creating web designs using CMS way before I've been using Joomla and up to now nothing beats Joomla in terms of features, more plugins, support and very powerful CMS yet its free.
  9. pbmuja

    What CMS do you suggest?

    I suggest Joomla, Its very powerful and it has many plugins and modules to add in. It can give less time in editing complex scripts.
  10. pbmuja

    [PHP] Basics of PHP Scripting

    Cool Basic Tutorial for PHP beginners......
  11. pbmuja

    Help Select Suitable CMS

    I recommend Joomla its easy to use and very functional.
  12. pbmuja

    Help with photoshop graphic

    In website graphics make sure the smallest file possible. 300 dpi is not essential.
  13. pbmuja

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Win 7 its quite stable. but the features added compared to Vista is not pretty much. I will totally use this once Microsoft releases their final version.
  14. pbmuja

    Mac or PC

    I'm a Graphic Designer but I prefer PC since almost all graphic softwares runs on Windows sample are adobe products but not all graphic softwares runs on MacOS such as Corel Draw and besides it eliminates troublesome of using 2 OS.
  15. pbmuja

    Mambo or Joomla

    Hey Guys which do you prefer to use in creating a CMS website. Joomla or Mambo? You must decide according to these criteria. 1. User friendly interface 2. Easy to setup and configure 3. Stability of the web application Thanks!
  16. pbmuja

    internet explorer 8

    Does anyone tried internet explorer 8? Any comments on this?
  17. pbmuja

    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    I like to use dreamweaver it helps my work much faster compared to notepad besides if you are more keen for graphic output on your website you may need this a lot.
  18. pbmuja

    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    I use dreamweaver. It is much convenient to use and make your project design finish faster compared to note pad.
  19. pbmuja

    Shopping Cart / E-Commerce Suggestion

    Thank you for your suggestion my friend. I would like to ask if is Zen-Cart is hacker safe? Thanks in advance.
  20. pbmuja

    Shopping Cart / E-Commerce Suggestion

    Anyone can help me on a shopping cart or e commerce which is hacker safe, user friendly, and easy to edit templates via html, complete line of online payment systems? Free or Paid shopping cart / e commerce will do. I need suggestions. Thank you.