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    Hello, this is Daniel

    yeah X10 rocks for free and I know you will like it here
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    Count to 1 Million

    1740 apples
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    Wrong I guess alexandgruntz
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    Important Poll Regarding Disk Space

    Thanks very much, FTP is super slow though :( O well I don't change the file system that much, but the SQL needs backing up every day.
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    Manualy Back everything up

    How can I manually back everything up? I am on a free host and at the moment I am making lots of changes to SQL and the filesystem as I build my site. so how can I make my own backups? Also are there any free scripts that can make a backup once a day and email them to me that would be cool
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    how many hours????

    mine took about 10hours to make a account.
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    Account not activated

    How long has it been? and have you looked in junk emails? thats where mine was, if you dont get a email after 30minuts there might be a problem but I wouldn't worry about before then
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    How much space do I have per mysql database?

    I always thought I came out of the same space you have for files?
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    Do you speak another language/tongue?

    You have a problem with Australian ascents? hmmm O well, I was in America once and some how I got into a fight with this guy who insisted very strongly that American what as a language. He felt very very strongly about it. Also this is off topic but Americans have the strangest health care and...
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    Thanks for a great year of webhosting!

    Probs wont get a reply to this but how did you guys start off? as a paid or free host? also how can you justify having adfree hosting? thats nuts, you have had about 1hour total downtime while I have been with you and your a free service so that is sweet, I do however get random 404s but if I...
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    Important Poll Regarding Disk Space

    Hey people I vote we should make everything larger and make our own backups, can anyone please tell me how to do this from Cpannel, I need to know how to back everything up not just the file system I have 2 SQL databases that will need backing up at the same time so if anyone has a scrip or...
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    875 team b where are you guys?
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    Don't Vomit

    Yeah, I think $50 is a fine amount to charge where I live they can charge up to $75 for cleaning if you leave the cab is a mess.
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    I need some know how

    I will pay if the articles are original. Have you ever used that website before? I will give it a try thanks very much. I have made a short list of things I have to cover. Rates of Change Function Transformations Exponential Functions Trigonometric Ratios Equation of a straight line Equation...
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    Just finished me online role playing game site rate plzzz :)

    you have been suspended man, hopefully you were just using to many resources or something, I will be happy to review your site when its back up. PM me when it is
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    India Chat Forum

    hmmm MySQL seems to be down for you as well? I will edit this post when SQL is back up. Also what do you think of MyBB? I did not like it one bit but that was a very long time ago I would be intrested to know have you tried phpbb?
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    Thanks for a great year of webhosting!

    Well, I just have to say you have the best free service by far, and I will be going on to paid once I have finished writing all the articles I need to finish and have thought of a domain name
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    Count to 200

    Re: Count to 50 7 is half of 14
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    Please critique my website

    you already have posted this here, I have replied to you in the other thread
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    OS choiches

    I dont like Mac but I use windows vista home Premium and xbuntu and and ubuntu netbook remix