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    Intel vs AMD Processors

    You really can't compare Intel with AMD because Intel is so much larger of a company than AMD is. AMD is currently having a hard time competing with Intel. Just saying...
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    Who are Waiting for Windows 8 release and Are Happy with Windows 7 over Win 8?

    If you have Windows XP, you should upgrade to Windows 8 or at least Windows 7 sometime soon. Err... isn't Windows XP unsupported now? Windows XP is really old. If you don't like Windows 8 or Windows in general, just use Linux.
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    Everyone is invited to test my new cryptographyc software

    On the Download page (, you spelled "system" wrong. Sadly I can't use it because I have a Mac. I like the site design because it matches with the product you are selling. Good luck! :)
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    Backup Your System

    I don't have much to back up... So I don't back up at all. :( ?
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    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    A short answer to the first question on the first post is "Yes". But I don't think there will be something anytime soon, though.
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    Review my Site (3WORLD!)

    Hey, there's an About page on your website. That's good! A lot of people forget about that. There's something wrong with the search bar, though. It says "Error establishing a database connection" when you search.
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    How is my site?

    The color just hurts my eyes... :( I like the site uptime thing, though.
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    Review my site?

    Red hurts my eyes... :(
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    Apple iPhone 4S

    I think Apple should have redesigned the iPhone a little more. Maybe a bigger screen, or something like that would be nice.
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    Apple iPhone 4S

    The iPhone 4S. Well, as you all know, the newest iPhone is now called iPhone 4S. It takes the same shape as the iPhone 4. Yes there are some changes, but it is mostly the same. So what do you think about this?
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    iPhone 5 or Not?

    But why? Tell me why!
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    iPhone 5 or Not?

    Anyone ready for the iPhone 5 that's coming out soon? If not, what other phone do you prefer?
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    Review My Site

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Co.CC - Blocked by my Internet Security

    Disable your internet security software?
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    need help. thanks for everyone

    You must be addicted to coffee...
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    review my catalogue site

    Your site looks nice.
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    404 Not Found

    More information is needed for us to help you out. What website are you looking at? What happened?
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    Opinions on Classifieds Web Site

    It looks fine to me.
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    Hosting Suggestions

    What is memcached's benefits? What's so good about it.