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    the magic of photoshop, u should check this out

    very beautiful image. You can get a lot of tutorials and similar type work from tis very nice though ^_^
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    Getting Good In Photoshop?

    theres a website called 'adobe tv' look it up on google, it contains video tutorials on all things adobe including phothsop, dreamweaver, illustrator etc. it's very handy if you're just starting out ^_^
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    Question about excessively violent material

    Hi guys, I just have a question I hope someone can answer for me, I am about to start building a site for a friend of mine (I recommended she come to X10 for her hosting) and she pointed this out to me, she is a graphics artist with a flair for action and violence (she does quite a lot of...
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    Learning CSS

    I always find 'zen garden' is a great place to learn about css, you can see what you can do with css and even see other peoples code so you can see how they did that amazing layout you love. hope this helps a little ^_^!
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    I use dreamweaver for it's colour coding. I found the missing manual very constructive, if you're looking to learn css as well the companion book 'css the missing manual' is also a brilliant read ^_^!
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    Gimp or Photoshop?

    I personally can't cope without photoshop. Though I only have it because I got a student discount and financial help from college to get it. Gimp is a fantastic wee program to learn to use a graphics package and the fact that it's free just makes it all the better. At least it's not paint...
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    I need help with scaling

    hey you said you wanted some colour scheme help? There's a fantastic site called Adobe kuler which helps you choose your colour schemes Also just as a tip change your body text to a sans serif font all of that cursive font is difficult to read especially if you're using...
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    Help with uploading from dreamweaver

    yup thats how it's supposed to look ^_^!
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    Help with uploading from dreamweaver

    Hi guys. I'm wondering if you can all help me. I'm trying to upload to my site from dreamweaver and it's saying connecting, it's even uploading but nothing is updating on the site. I'v looked in my C panel and none of the new folders I uploaded have uploaded. Can anyone point me in the right...
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    Check out my site ^_^!

    thanks guys glad you like ^_^! I had alot of fun as you can probably tell XD! @ titat :: could you elaborate for me? I'm using what I know (spry accordian) would you know of a tutorial I could maybe look at to make it less sizable. I was going to use a flash gallery but the file size was huge.
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    Check out my site ^_^!

    Hi guys! I have officially finally finished setting up my site. I know it's not all formal the way a lot of sites are and it simplistic compared to some of the sites floating about however I worked hard on it and enjoyed making it! I just wanted to show it off, it's sort of a portfolio of works...
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    can I use my own domain name?

    Thank you very much guys! I'll see if my domain name place will let me change my stuff you have been very helpful much appreciated! Edit: I managed to get it all updated! Thank you all again guys it is very much appreciated! I have been wondering how to do that for ages but it's never really...
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    can I use my own domain name?

    Hi guys, I opened up a X10 hosting about 2 weeks ago and have been working away to get my site all coloured in and purty XD! However I have a domain name at another company. I was wondering can I link that domain name to my site and if so how do I do it? I know this may sound like a...