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    Need Website Ideas.

    As long as it's something that you can stick with, just do that. That should be enough to get you by. Social Networking is big..used Dolphin from Boonex if you want this (just google Dolphin Boonex and you'll see what i'm talking about.
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    13 free & very useful php/mysql scripts

    Nice share! As aforementioned, I wished I was in need of some of these at the moment. Bookmarked it however :biggrin:. As of now, I'm experimenting with WordPress so if these people come out with a plugin that would be nifty.
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    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    This is true but you have to factor in PS3 blockbusters like Killzone, God of War, and LittleBigPlanet. I have a Xbox 360 and I would trade it in for a PS3 (wish I could dig up $299 somewhere). The PS3 is the future. Granted I would miss Halo and Gears of War (love this game) but the fact that...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Windows XP is the way for me. Windows Vista just LOOKS nice. So I got the best of both worlds by installing a BricoPack on my Windows XP SP3 ;) By the way..I have never used a Mac but AM interesting in trying one soon. So perhaps my love for the glorious Windows XP will dwindle eventually :biggrin: