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    Error when posting on my forums

    maybe it is the filepath, have you checked the settings?
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    Error when posting on my forums

    If it's a permissions thing, try changing your file permissions and see if that helps.
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    What should I learn?

    PHP if you are having fun, ColdFusion if you want a job (cause everyone already knows PHP)
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    Weird phpBB3 error

    I think it means you need to close one of your tags, (get it, unexpected end?) Cheers,
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    how many of you get a domain name through x10 credits

    How many do we need? I have like 200
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    .htaccess Problem!

    You could just create one and upload it.
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    1000 points to pick a name for my site

    If you would like it to be targeted locally (for the computer stuff), have you considered adding the location in the name? you know, something Huntsville Cheers,
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    Help please?

    The control C thing sounds like a problem with your keyboard definitly. If it is software it would have to be in the Operating System. Cheers,
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    Flyers - Do They Work?

    Only if it is a local service. Cheers,
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Hmmm, interesting. Thanks! ;)
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    How many times will this work? Thanks for the offer by the way! Works! Awesome :)
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    Hello, I guess I could say I'm a novice when it comes to webdeveloping, but eager to learn. Thanks so much for your site! I look forward to using it! Thanks! By the way. I am having a problem with FTP. I can connect fine but when I go to upload it will go through about half of a...