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    Upgrade to Premium

    Hello X10 staff, I would like to upgrade to a premium hosting account under your services. Please send me any additional instructions for what I must do in order to upgrade my account. Thank you very much! EDIT: Thank you very much! Just purchased a premium account and awaiting...
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    To be fair, I never stated a complete lack thereof. I stated that it was a shoddy attempt on the developer's behalfs to establish a do all object model that wad created to go around the need for name spaces. I still have yet to see the issues I have referenced solved.
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    PHP still has no unicode support, no namespaces (and nobody is going to use them, because that should have been introduced at the beginning), no real sense of modularity, inconsistent function names, exception handling is terrible, php.ini and PHP's OO doesn't come up to scruff with what true OO...
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    PHP is a pretty terrible language based on the 6 years I have had to spend working around it, and I'm not lying when I say it raises programmers that write horribly inefficient and insecure application code. Granted, I use Python for all my needs, both for Desktop and Web Development. I prefer...
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    Windows 7 - Better or Worse? Your oppinions please?!?

    Windows 7 is an improvement over XP and Vista. Memory efficiency (I can actually run my copy of Team Fortress 2, in contrast to XP and Vista) and the task bar were the highest influence factors for me. I didn't like the default grouping of programs in the taskbar however as it became a bit...
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    Additional Changes

    I'm glad to see that this decision was made. I usually don't have the time to login very often, and this one month clause is very convenient.