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  1. jonathanyaniv

    Account Suspended - 9D3194193F57 (Copyright Violation ??)

    I just got this notification when I woke up that my account got suspended for "Copyright violation" ? Suspension code: 9D3194193F57 What material on my site is considered copyright? Please let me know and I will remove it asap. This is really critical. Thanks! **Wanted to add that there is...
  2. jonathanyaniv

    High Resource Usage- Again..

    I dont want to blame anyone, but it seems like everytime there is an upgrade of somekind on the servers, if my visitors are trying to access my site, it goes to a high resource usage error I have done MANY things to try and prevent this from happening, these are Hosting my images off-site (on...
  3. jonathanyaniv

    Cracking Down on Spam

    I found another way, go into your Wordpress, and go into your Discussion settings, and check off, "Users must be registered and logged in to comment". (This helps significantly) Uncheck "Anyone posts a comment " and "Comment is held for moderation" Also use Akismet, like Adam has stated...
  4. jonathanyaniv

    Cracking Down on Spam

    I for instance, have changed my mail for my domain to be hosted by Hotmail. The 100 / hour rule doesnt imply to me, does it? Just want to make sure..
  5. jonathanyaniv

    Forum ad filters

    99.9 % of the google ads on these forums are for other hosting sites. I really think you should be using the competitive ad filter on Google adsense, it would help you keep your business, and stop sending people to other hosting sites Just a tip.
  6. jonathanyaniv

    SQL is down.. no need to panic.

    They should have the resources spread out For example, one server hosting MySQL, one hosting Mail, the other hosting Apache. Split up the load a bit.. Or for cost efficiency, VM.
  7. jonathanyaniv

    SQL is down.. no need to panic.

    Well in that case, thinking about it, it could also be that the SQL server on stoli / lotus is overloaded? Hence, why its down / slow
  8. jonathanyaniv

    SQL is down.. no need to panic.

    Oh I can get to the data, via phpMyAdmin, but its very slow to access my database.
  9. jonathanyaniv

    SQL is down.. no need to panic.

    Guys, I highly doubt there is anything wrong with your usernames and password for MySQL. My site is down as well, "Error establishing database connection" at I'm sure this will be fixed soon. No need to panic.
  10. jonathanyaniv

    Error establishing a database connection

    I think the SQL servers are down.
  11. jonathanyaniv

    Suddenly no connection to Mysql @ Stoli

    Down for me too.
  12. jonathanyaniv

    Account keeps on suspending for high resource usage

    I did look at that, the only plugins I have installed are: Add to Any: Share/Bookmark/Email Button Help readers share, bookmark, and email your posts and pages using any service. [Settings] Settings | Deactivate | Edit Version . | By Add to Any | Visit plugin site Adsense Daemon...
  13. jonathanyaniv

    Phishing Alert

    Thanks Corey!
  14. jonathanyaniv

    Account keeps on suspending for high resource usage

    Yes I agree, I'll have a look at it asap. Edit: I have checked the error log, and found nothing, so therefore, I went into my wordpress plugins, and disabled and removed all the ones i dont use.. Can you tell me exactly what was causing this "high resource usage", if so, i will remove it asap...
  15. jonathanyaniv

    Account keeps on suspending for high resource usage

    Hey, This isnt the first time this has happened. My account, was once again suspended for "high resource usage". I constantly watch the usage to make sure this doesnt happen, I even host the images for my wordpress blog on Flickr to lower the bandwidth. How in the world is it suspending me for...
  16. jonathanyaniv

    Banning Mass Mail Scripts

    What about Wordpress? Like I have Wordpress on my site, and when new users comment / register / contact me, the server sends me an email. Will that be stopped as well? And I'm happy about the service load improvements. Way 2 go Corey! Thanks!
  17. jonathanyaniv

    PayPal Mass Pay Form Leads To Blank Page, Paying 1k+ Creds 4 Solution

    Best guess is something here: <form method="POST" action="?ax=pay"> Why is there a ? mark in front of it btw.. it should be, i think.. <form method="POST" action="ax=pay"> hmm....
  18. jonathanyaniv

    I cant recieve any emails.

    I believe so, This is what its supposed to be: MX Record Configuration: (required) This DNS record is required to set up mail DNS Record Type: MX Host: MX server: TTL: 3600 or 1 hour Priority: 0 (or High priority) Can you please...
  19. jonathanyaniv

    I cant recieve any emails.

    People have been trying to send me emails, but they are unable to, they are getting bounce backs. Domain: I set up my MX record to forward to Hotmail, but now I am not recieving emails at all, I checked in my admin center for hotmail, and it doesnt recognize the MX entry...
  20. jonathanyaniv

    MySQL Databases gone? Absolut. PHPAdmin (Too Many Connections)

    Yeah, thats probably it. haha. my school blocks in/out 3306. But with absolute.. well, right now Apache isnt working.. cause I cant access my site at all right now.....