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  1. sandhu786brothers

    Basic SEO for Newbie as of 2012

    basic seo techniques: 1. do onpage seo properly you can rank with doing onpage only if teh competion is low 2. do offpage seo - link buiding techniques like web2.0 properties , forum posting , blog commenting, guest posting etc.
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    Submit your site to 2500 + places!!! Free free free free

    It seems to be to easy to get links from 2500+ site at one time, but these links going to seems as unnatural and google don't wants these type of links.
  3. sandhu786brothers

    Selling links with the Trust sites

    Sir i know that you are providing links but google is against paid links and if your site is pointing with paid links then they must be nofollow.
  4. sandhu786brothers

    Is YouTube good source of marketing?

    yes Youtube is a Good source of marketing you can easily earn money from youtube through channels.
  5. sandhu786brothers

    [WTS] Links & Blogpost on very popular PR 5 website (video games, entertainment)

    Sir i appreciate that you are providing links. but now a days those sites which are having links in the footer are affected my penguin update noboddy wants it now. Even 1 year before one of my site is on the first page and first link on google but when this updates come now my site not appears...