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    Newbie on your site!

    Try installing Wordpress. It is much easier
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    Hello All

    HI, Welcome to this great service
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    Hello.. I am New here... :)

    Hi, Welcome Abroad
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    Hi, Welcome to this great service.
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    Unable to login to CPanel

    Dear Sir, I am unable to login to my C-Panel with my existing password. Please help me out on this.
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    It is always advisable to use purchased domains rather than free domains like dot tk or
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    How to upload XML feeds to web server

    Hi, Is there anyone who can help me out?
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    Hi, Well come to this great hosting. Doll
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    Hello ever body

    Welcome Welcome
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    Hello! Mia Here!

    Welcome abroad. Have nice time
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    Hi from Doll

    Hi, Thanks every one. Looking for a great time. Doll
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    Hi from Doll

    Hi, Wishing everyone a good day. Doll