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    Anyone else having trouble?

    Oh well i was hoping of releasing my gaming server with a Christmas event. looks like I'll make something to do with new years.
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    Anyone else having trouble?

    Thanks for the info.
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    Prison vs Work

    yep what a great education... how many companies would want to hire somebody whos just got out of prison. You cant even get some jobs. jail... you get your own toilet... What they keep everything shiny and new just for you? Somebody got let out before you, and someone before him... ect. Who...
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    The Sims - Cheat Code problem.

    uninstall and reinstall the game? i cant think of anything else.
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    Best Musical Artist

    aww dang it forgot about presets *quick edit* I have heard junkie before i think.
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    Post your specs

    i'll post my laptop... 1.73ghz Pentium dual core 1.5gb ram mobile intel(r) 965 express chipset family 138 gb hd one more weeks work and i'll have enough for something like 2.5ghz Intel quad core 4-8 GB ddr2 ram (not much point in having alot) (a reasonable motherboard i know what one but cant...
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    Excuse me? i just can't understand any of you posts. this is an English forum ;) maybe i used ctrl+v and not spacebar? oknobodylikesasmartass
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    ATTENTION~ Major security flaw! MUST READ!

    Wouldn't want to lose anything, better to be safe then sorry.
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    The Ctrl+V game

    Users of all current versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser might be vulnerable to having their computers hijacked because of a serious security hole in the software that is still not fixed. The flaw lets criminals commandeer victims' machines merely by tricking them into visiting...
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    yes. my hair is on my head. for a million dollars would you drink urine?
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    [30 Credits] Post an introductions in my forum.

    I posted an introduction.
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    [30 or 50Credits]HOT! Vote on my site / register to my website

    well you really need a register link on the main page. log in would be fine.
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    ATTENTION~ Major security flaw! MUST READ!

    Attention, Internet Explorer users... :nuts: Your computers are at risk... :thefinger If you don't like reading then download firefox and use it now :eek4: :dunno: This story is more current then the one below it.
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    Nvidia Launches Tesla Supercomputer, up to 960 Cores for $10,000

    I think i'll build my computer for 1/10 of that... cheap -.- lol i could trade my $7000 drumkit for it.
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    [30 or 50Credits]HOT! Vote on my site / register to my website

    I have now registered and posted in intro. might have a look at advertising.
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    [30 or 50Credits]HOT! Vote on my site / register to my website

    lol if you want to find what host his using just go to it will show the hosts page telling you that page doesn't exist. I registered with the name rkreborn I noticed the log in on the base camp page and looked under it. you should add it to your main page.
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    Best Musical Artist

    The best musician... who else but me? :cool: I would have to say its way to hard how do you compare 80's, 60s music to the current. Now how do you compare genres theirs so many. even genres have like sub genres. You can't compare Metal to Jazz or Rock to Latin? Here's a few of the best artists...
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    regarding uploading

    I believe there's a problem with the servers that host the websites. The problem should be fixed soon, I think.
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    [30 or 50Credits]HOT! Vote on my site / register to my website

    I voted for burger king =] burgers + fries are best. also... I would have registered on your website how ever there was no registration for the forums and none on the front page. Just a bit of advice... make it a bit eaier to register, if there is a reg link its hard to find.
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    Anyone else having trouble?

    I submitted a support ticket but thought i would ask around. I just registered the other day and i cant access my website or cpanel. I think it may be a problem with the server newabsolut.x10 can anybody else with their website on this server view their website or cpanel...