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    Need some one to code a PSD!

    Well i'm still working on it right now, so I guess ill PM you when im finished.
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    Need some one to code a PSD!

    Yeah, and I have a few credits my self. So.. anyone?
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    Need some one to code a PSD!

    I'm making a layout in photoshop, but i Need someone to code it. I'm willing to pay up to 50 dollars paypal. ;) Let me know if you're interested.
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    Need coding done for a psd layout I did.

    Im whilling to pay $25-$50 paypal for someone to code my layout in html. PM me for more info.
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    [Req] Myspace Mobile 2000+ points + 20 Paypal

    I need a php script that will slipstream myspace, and make it so that it loads fast on my phone. I want it so that i can login through my site, and access everything through my site. Like mail, comments etc. On mail, I need it so that it all the stuff from past replys is not in the text box...
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    I just went there and i was like wtf... the x10hosting forums didn't look like that.. and i then i noticed that i forgot to add the "s", but still, i think that should be fixed... or w/e.
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    [REQ]Need A Template

    I need a template for my record company, if someone could make me one, i'd give you all my points if i like it. Has to look professional. Something like:
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    MySpace (Fox) owns ALL rights to everything uploaded by members

    What do you guys think of this?
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    [REQ] Rapidshare Clone Script

    I want someone to make me a script in php that is like, if anybody can do it, im whilling to give you up to 2,000 points. PM me if you are interested or just reply here... the faster someone can get this done, the more points will be given out.
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    No Stats in cPanel

    Hey... is this normal...? At first I had awestats and weblizer or something like that..... and today I checked and i only had urchin stats and that one dosen't work...
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    Whats a good script for ADS?

    Does anyone know of a good script to do it?
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    Rate My Sig!!!

    Rate my sig, it's the one down there right now... :)
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    x10 Server Down!

    I think that one of you servers is down, i can't seem to access my site or my friends site at this time, and I know were on the same server, but anyways, just thought i'd let you know! EDIT: Nevermind, i read
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    Hey, im not crying or complaining, but why was my site suspended twice today, i unsuspened it in the morning... logged into cPanel, and now im suspended again! mabey there is something wrong with your script. Idk. So if you can... help me out. My site is ohh and...
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    Password Rest

    I can't log into cPanel. cpanelusername: j4ltech1 thanks!
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    Funny Online Show!

    Listen to is... it's super funny... :) Click on the link above and click listen. I think everyone should listen to this.. :)
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    X10 Offering Unlimited Disk Space?????

    I took a screen shot becouse i didn't belive it myself... so check out the attachment!
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    Domain NOT working!

    Hey... a while ago i had my domain name changed to from . I pointed the DNS servers to your's since last sat. and my site still can't be accessed. I contacted my the site where i registered my domain and they say that only you can help me with this...
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    Domain Problems!

    Ok, i parked my domain name and then i unparked it. Now i pointed to domain back to these name servers and NOW when i try to park the domain again... it says that "[enterwhateverdomainhere] is owned by another user" I was wondering if i would still be able to get that domain with your...
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    [offer]I Will Make You A Custom Site! For 100 points!

    Ill make you a custom site, with a logo, banner, for 100 points.