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  1. miocene

    Please review my wordpress theme

    I've made a theme for a client for their non-profit organisation that invests in developing countries. I'm using wordpress as a cms and simple blogging for news updates. Currently the only content is bulk text to fill it up. Please give opinions.
  2. miocene

    Please check out my wordpress theme

    Hi I've made a wordpress theme completely from scratch mainly as a self-training exercise. Would love to hear any comments. Can be found here (the theme uses cufon to create a h1 heading image in that font. No need to upload your own header image, just type the blog name in the wordpress panel)
  3. miocene

    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    I use M$ Expression web which is very similar to Dreamweaver but much cheaper (free for me as I'm a student). It's basically their replacement for Frontpage but does a good job and is mostly standards complient.
  4. miocene

    Please check out my site

    Cheers for all the feedback. Yeah, many of the photos are just there to test the site. New photos which are much nicer and have been cleaned up in photoshop are on their way. I will consider putting the prices in a table, perhaps with a thumbnail of the relevent marquee.
  5. miocene

    Please check out my site

    I have made a site for my friend's marquee site. Coded in MS expression web and notepad++ using html and css plus a little bit of javascript for the fading images and google map. Please give any opinions... Site can be found at (Google map does not work due to the...