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    Suspension for high-usage?

    I too was suspended, shortly after loading a news story for my weekly updates. Any multimedia on the website is already there, and the only activity on the date of shutdown was my upload of approximately 7 pages at around 25K total... oh, and a 600x500 picture JPG
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    Michael Jackson reported dead

    Re: Micheal Jackson reported dead Yeah, no matter what, he was iconic. Thriller is STILL the biggest selling album of all time, and you know they're going to have 'Remember the Time' as some sort of eulogy...
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    Wanted to say thanks.

    I have a free account, was on Sparka, and now is on Stoli. None of the problems that seemed to plague Sparka are existing anymore on my Stoli account, and I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all the work you do for us... Thanks John Timmons, IWA Productions.
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    site goes down when upload/updating

    Oh no, I'm not angry, just a little frustrated... The site only seems to go down after I do an upload... (doesn't matter what size, could be one meg's worth, could be 20K worth, for some reason the site goes down, can't enter cPanel, nothing... I DO understand that this is a free service...
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    site goes down when upload/updating

    is Sparka = Stoli?
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    site goes down when upload/updating

    I know this has GOTTA be frustrating... I have a free hosting... every time I add a page or update something through my file manager, it works okay (as in I can view the site) for like two minutes, and then the site goes down for close to an hour... Then, it comes back and works fine... I...
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    Myspace hates us.

    Well, I tried a lot of things, but mainly, yeah, I'm going to have to get a domain or something... EDIT: tinyurl works, though. I would definitely suggest the or, as it seems to believe that as a seperate entity... Also, sorry about not responding quicker...
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    Will you keep on getting free software?

    Here is why I get free software... I feel, and this is just my opinion, feel free to rebutt it, that many companies market their product entirely the wrong way, offering said products for 15 days or 30 day evaluations, and then BAM! either pay or don't enjoy the service. Why not this. Why...
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    why do we believe in a religion?

    In my opinion, Religion is simply our way of structurally displaying that essence within us, our connection to what we might call divinity. Some people are so in tune with their own spirituality that they don't require a structure, but others might beleive the only way to have a link with the...
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    how to create a link that download...

    It's all in the syntax... A .txt file is often simply shown on most Internet browsers, because basically it's just an html file without coding. I would suggest trying to put the text file into a .zip or .rar archive first. Then, usually, most browsers will pick up that it's something to...
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    Any good RPG's READ DISC.

    Hey, you like indy top-view RPG games like Final Fantasy III or Breath of Fire? Well at, they have a lot of completed games made with the RPG Maker XP... I've downloaded a few of them myself, and actually have to say, some of them are pretty creative... Go to their forums, sign up...
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    (1500 Credits) Create Logo (Design already done)

    Well... it's not the best in the world, but it's some of MY best... It can be much bigger, but...
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    PERFECTED money maker with PROOF

    Well, I just did... under your link and everything... got three swag bucks outta the deal, and yeah, seems pretty interesting... just waiting for a search to give me swag... EDIT: No sooner than I said that, I got two more for searching Alice Cooper.
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    Myspace hates us.

    For some reason, when I add my website to a Myspace link, it says it won't go to it due to spamming and phishing coming from the webhost... Is there any way around this? I want people to be able to go to the site straight from my Myspace.
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    gotta question. I am rather new to x10 hosting, but have been experiencing a lot of downtime on the Starka server. my account is I was just wondering, was that part of the server upgrade-cleanup thing today? And if it was, do you know approximately how long the site...
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    Free Wrestling Show!

    IWA Productions proudly presents a free wrestling show every Wednesday Night! If you're interested in seeing a Free Wrestling show, and will be in the Olney, Illinois area, feel free to either email us at or through myspace at . We look...
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    Which Forum Software

    I don't know... tiger said it best though, SMF, one of the FREE installation scripts provided by x10hosting, seems the easiest to use IMHO. Also, templates are a breeze to add in, with only one big upload and unpack involved.
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    IWA Productions now using x10 hosting

    IWA Productions, serving central and southern Illinois, is now registered with x10 hosting! Thanks guys!