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  1. icedevil

    dreamweaver problem

    no the problem is not viruses, unless your antivirus is blocking it.., however, if running as admin doesnt help, try downloading a more advanced/different version...
  2. icedevil

    A adityas COM - Take a look (a Wordpress Blog about Alien-UFO's)

    its a fine design for an informative website
  3. icedevil

    [Game Programming] Highlander

    hey, what happened to rocker?
  4. icedevil

    Team Falcon RuneScape Art

    ok, first of all the text looks really cool, but get rid of rs guy! Make a 3d graphic or somth, like an elf face hidden in the background, etc... (p.s. cut back with rs, really :)_)
  5. icedevil

    Builders Website Design - Your thoughts??

    Its nice and clean, but a bit too simple for my taste..., perhaps when you'll make a temporary website, add some animation etc...
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    nice and simple
  7. icedevil

    x10Hosting Card

    lolz, if thats the case make one 4 me saying 1st place 3d animation :D
  8. icedevil

    X10 Drinks! - Just by using Photoshop CS4

    man you are bored :)! Anyway, use 3ds max for that kind of stuff :)
  9. icedevil

    Latest signature tags

    The muscle car one, kills!!! I like, I like, impressive :)
  10. icedevil

    Rate my new template

    Well if this page is for your personal use, its fine. However for public eye, it's too boring, play arround with colours a bit, have a theme, and make a creative design...
  11. icedevil

    [Game Programming] Highlander

    anyway, i thought of game races, and i think we might be using classic fantasy. Well here's a little treat :)
  12. icedevil

    [Game Programming] Highlander

    Hey rocker and hellsheep, srry been busy with my schoolwork, so how far have we got with graphics ppl? Give me the names and what they can do plz. By the way graphic ppl, if you know blender or cinema4d, thats great, but now drop it and start learning maya, 3ds max and zbrush.( Maya is kindof a...
  13. icedevil

    Can't link to Cpannel

    but i cant create a new one, it says: "you already have 1, use it.."
  14. icedevil

    Can't link to Cpannel

    Hi, my Cpannel usarname is (firedevi), and my domain is, i tried to link my Cp username, but it just doesnt work, please help
  15. icedevil

    Cant log into Cpannel

    I forgot my Cpannel acount name, therefore i cant link it, can you please send it to me on my email?
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    [Game Programming] Highlander

    Hey ppl im back XD
  17. icedevil

    [Game Programming] Highlander

    Lol, its not like we're going to say that we came up with the story, the movie... I think the only thing that we should mention is that it is based on the movie highlander(their storyline) and that the game is OURS!!!!! Well, at least that's what i have to do in the graphics department :P...
  18. icedevil

    [Game Programming] Highlander

    EVERYONE PLZ PLZ READ! Sorry, i've been absent for so long.., had exams all last week... Everybody in graphics department, add me on msn (ask if you dont know mine) Ok, so lets get started! :) 1. Everybody watch the movie highlander. 2. We are supposed to choose the time period in which the...
  19. icedevil

    Link exchange for pro website :)

    ok guys i dont see my link on your pages... I'm taking yours down untill i see mine...