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    website issue

    Im getting constantly 5mins website loading times or ill get the network timeout. Could not connect. Somthing being done on server starka? website been down 10mins still waiting for it to load up ;s Ive noticed a performance increase of past month or 2. When site does load normally it loads...
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    website uptime

    I think x10hosting uptime is a joke. Honestly when i go to view my site it's a "chance" that its working. Im being honest here. Its probs got a 60-70% up time. Im suprised x10hosting has members still. I stayed for the good stuff available. My members say to me its always down. One guy...
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    my website isn't loading up. I thought x10 finally got stable servers for a change. Or is it down again?
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    help please.

    I deleted all my folder contens of public_HTML. I tried to use r1soft back up (ithinkc alled) and well all it does is have thta loading sign u top sith stop next to it. Nothing to select tried everything. Is it possible to retsore a backup from late lastnight uk time please? Thanks anyways in...