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  1. superma9

    Can't install a script: "PHP version is less than the required 5.6.20"

    Hey Everyone! So I'm trying to install wordpress. However, when trying to install I get this message: "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress." I installed the wordpress via the Softuculous software. So any ideas what to do? Any help will...
  2. superma9

    Unable to Add a second domain

    Hey everyone! I'm tying to add a second domain to my account. However, I'm not able to get it through. i keep getting this message: "Unable to add the domain name − Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “”. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid...
  3. superma9

    Have a Live Video not going through

    Hi! I have a Live Mix via youtube, it's not allowing me to save and publish the link. I need it asap! Like as of 15 minutes ago. Lol Can someone help me out asap? It's for my Events page at Thanks
  4. superma9

    Creating Smooth Scroll On Zyro Builder?

    Hey evreyone! I want to have my site scroll to specific sections of a page, using anchors-html on zyro builder. I've been using Zyro because I wanted to create a simple layout and be able do it myself, without too much focus on CSS etc. However, I've been trying to create this smooth or semi...
  5. superma9

    Create Auto Scroll on Zyro builder

    Hey Everyone! I've been dabbling around with creating a One Pager, using Zyro Builder. However, I think Auto Scroll would be cool as part of the site. However, I'm wondering, how can I create the webpage to scroll down to sections of the webpage. I.e... placing a small .jpg of an open arrow, at...
  6. superma9

    Email is not sending

    Hi! I have a small issue. I've been responding to emails. However, I realize that emails don't always go out. I have created two email accounts, but mostly use one. Is there a limit or delay in emails going or being sent out? I sent a test email from x10 email in a period of 5 minutes and it...
  7. superma9

    Website page 'about' is not displaying correctly.

    Hi! My website pages are not displaying correctly. It looks completely out of sync. I looked at it via the website editor, it looks fine. When I look at it's preview, it looks fine. It's when I look at it via it's url, it's looking ugly, lol. Can you check on this for me? Thanks
  8. superma9

    Cannot Edit 'Contest' Page

    Hey everyone! I'm having a problem with editing my 'Contest' page. I can go to any of the pages and edit. But on my 'Contest' page I cannot. I have a custom form, which could be the cause of it. But I can't seem to shut it off. I just need to edit my social icon positions,as well as re-position...
  9. superma9

    Re-Direct a 'Main' Domain <= this is my 'Main' website domain right now. However, I want to add another domain and have this 'Main' domain to point to the new domain. How can I do this, anyone? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You Very Much in Advance.