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    Suspended for high resource usage?

    Yes i read this: But I got suspended for: I didn't set any cron jobs (I don't even know how to) as said in here: Is this a suspension bug? o.o If this is something to do with the new server config I won't...
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    Hosting within Hosting

    Is this allowed? I mean, not opening a hosting company, just plain hosting about 6 blogs or so.
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    403 Forbidden Errors

    I've got 403 forbidden errors when editing posts, articles and templetes in my site and forums! Help pls! PS: I can't create a support ticket. The support desk logs me out whenever I click something.
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    AJAX Not working

    Hello. AJAX is not working in my site. Can someone help me?
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    Unable to create Support Ticket

    I can't create a support ticket in x10Support. It kept logging me out whenever I clicked something.